Prayer Points Against Stroke



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Prayer points against stroke

This prayer points for healing of arm and leg illness Is for those who are suffering from leg injuries, arm injuries and paralysis of the arm or legs. It is also for those who are suffering from stroke, arthritis and any other arm or leg diseases. We serve a God that heals, pray this prayer points in faith and watch the healing power of God manifest in your life.

30 Prayer points for healing arm and leg illness

1). I prophesy that I shall arise and walk in Jesus name.

2). Every withering of the hand and leg due to rebelling against God’s anointed are healed because I have received forgiveness in Jesus name.

3). Lord, give my legs and feet great strength and let it leap like a deer in Jesus name.

4). Oh Lord, consume all powers of weakness and premature retirement in my arm in Jesus name

5). Oh Lord, give my feet a youthful strength so that I will be able to preach your words in Jesus name.

6). Every demonic forces that inflict pains into my arms and legs be destroyed in Jesus name.

7). Oh Lord, I lift up my hands to you, all sickness and pain that hide in it shall tremble and run away in Jesus name.

8). Oh Lord, I have hope in you, heal my arm and leg pains in Jesus name.

9). I decree that whatever causing my hand/leg to wither are removed and destroyed forever in Jesus name.

10). My hands/legs shall receive strength and I shall walk round this neighborhood unaided in Jesus name.

11). Oh Lord, take away the curse of statue from my body and restore me back to good health in Jesus name.

12). Oh Lord, let your right hand touch and heal my hand/leg for I walk in trouble and pain in Jesus name.

13). Oh Lord, remove every hindrances in my walking in Jesus name.

14). Oh Lord, heal me of whatever evil poison that I may have marched that is affecting my legs today in Jesus name.

15). Oh Lord, every looseness in my hands/legs shall receive the strength of God in Jesus name.

16). Oh Lord, count me among those who are majesty in pace in Jesus name.

17). I prophesied that as a living soul, I shall not be grounded in Jesus name.

18). Every withering of my hand/leg due to the dryness of river of blood shall respond to my voice now that in the name of Jesus Christ, receive abundant blood.

19). Every scarcity of blood and nutrients to my hands/legs shall come to an end. Let there be free flow of blood and nutrients into all parts of my hands/legs in Jesus name.

20). Every tiredness in my hands/legs are removed today in Jesus name.

21). Whatever making one part of my hands/legs working well while the other is not shall be consumed by the fire of God in Jesus name.

22). Every worm that is damaging my hand/leg shall drink the blood of Jesus and die in Jesus name.

23). I prophesied that the Lord has strengthens me and I shall walk up and down in Jesus name.

24). Every withering in my body due to sin are forgiven and I am restored in Jesus name.

25). I decree that all accusers are silenced and I receive total healing in my hands/legs in Jesus name.

26). I receive the blessing of walking with my legs today in Jesus name.

27). I refuse to be disabled and a beggar. I rise and walk in Jesus name.

28). Father let your healing power flow through my legs and arms for total healing in Jesus name.

29). I command every weakness in my legs to dissapear right now in Jesus name.

30). Father I thank you for restoring supernatural strength to my arm and legs in Jesus name.



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