Prayer Points Against Wicked Powers



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Prayer Points Against Wicked Powers



Powerful Prayer Points Against Wicked Powers


International Headquarters, Lagos.



Bible confessions: Ephesians 6:12-18, Psalm 56:1-3, 71:1-4, 35:1-12, 68:1-3, Psalm 27, Isaiah 54:1-8
  1. Thank God for his mercies and grace upon your life.
  2. Oh God I thank you for the blood of Jesus that Redeemed my life from bondage.
  3. Oh God forgive all my sins and use the blood of Jesus to wipe off the register of my short comings.
  4. Have mercy on me Oh Lord, let your mercy speak for me.
  5. You the heaven of my prayers, open for testimony by fire.
  6. Oh Lord let the voice of my prayer come into your ears and let me receive answers to them.
  7. Every enemy of prayer in my environment, scatter by fire.
  1. Prayers Against Wicked Powers In High Places
  2. Oh God arise and thunder in the heavenlies to scatter every evil meeting going on for my sake in the name of Jesus.
  3. Every strongman using the power of the sun to terminate my pregnancies; be roasted by fire.
  4. You queen of heaven, enough is enough, leave my life and fruitfulness alone.
  5. Any strongman facing the four corners of the earth to make life miserable for me, fall down and die in the name of Jesus.
  6. Every strongman that has projected himself into the atmosphere in order to establish evil against me, die in the name of Jesus.
  7. Every enchantment and incantation spoken into the air against my fruitfulness, backfire.
  8. Every dedication to the queen of the air troubling my life, break and lose your grid.
  9. You power base of native doctors in the atmosphere that is in charge of my case, scatter by thunder.
  10. Any evil power hiding in the storm to steal my testimonies, die.
  11. You the sun, moon, and stars, gather together and fight for me in the name of Jesus.
  12. Every thing God created in the heavenlies, arise now and work against my enemies.
  13. Strong seat, kingdom, strong room, decision room and instrument of the queen of air and her followers, be consumed by fire in Jesus name.
  1. Prayers To Overcome Water Spirit
  2. Every evil dedication to water spirit worshiped by my ancestors, which has tied my life to the water, break and die.
  3. Every evil spirit at the bottom of the sea that is claiming ownership of my life, you are a liar, die.
  4. You the spirit in the river that says I shall not be free from my problems, die by fire.
  5. Any strongman calling ghosts out from the river to programme invisible sickness into my body, die.
  6. Any strongman that travels to the bottom of the rivers to collect powers against me shall not return in the name of Jesus.
  7. Every problem programmed into my destiny to prevent my fruitfulness, come out and die by fire.
  8. Every strongman of darkness that has decreed, that as long as water flows in my body I shall not have children, die.
  9. Every strange word of false pregnancy (stomach will just be big without babies) spoken against my life, die.
  10. Past mistakes of where I have been to, what I have eaten and drunk that has brought about complications in my life, Oh Lord intervene.
  11. I receive power to overcome problems induced by water spirit.
  12. As I shake my body, I shake off every strange material (fish, scorpion, snake, fibroid, ovarian, cyst, snail, evil growth e.t.c) into the fire and I command them to die.
  13. No more visitation of water spirits in the name of Jesus.
  1. Prayers Against Rulers Of This World
  2. Every evil word spoken to the land to work against me as I walk on it, die.
  3. Covenant of darkness between the evil strongman of my family and the land, break and die.
  4. O ye land hear the word of the Lord, whenever the evil strong man wants to enter you to work against my life, do not open in the name of Jesus.
  5. O ye land hear the word of the Lord shake the powers working against my fruitfulness away.
  6. Every evil word spoken into the land to tie my destiny down, loose my destiny and die.
  7. Every strongman boasting and hitting the ground that as long as I walk on it I shall not be fruitful, die with your evil boast.
  8. Any strongman that journeys to the earth beneath because of me, will not return if he goes again in Jesus name.
  9. Every evil programmed into the sand to work against my marriage, child bearing, my career, go back to sender in Jesus name.
  10. Any evil priest that is pressing the sand in order to make life miserable for me, be blind permanently.
  11. Any strongman using cowries to make enquirers about my future, be roasted by fire.
  12. Any witch calling forth evil spirits from the ground to appear in my dream, die by fire.
  13. I recover all what they have stolen from me (mention as many as you can remember).


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