Prayer Points Enough Is Enough


Prayer Points Enough Is Enough

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH (I chronicles 4vs9-10  Genesis 32)

Many lives have been programmed to fail. Many think they have lives, but they don’t. Physically they have lives, but spiritually their lives are gone. Physically, they walk about, but spiritually they are not going anywhere. You have stayed too long in that position and it is time for you to move forward.

The display of violent faith and aggressive fire prayers against every works of darkness in your life and family is the only means by which you can put the enemy to flight and live a happy life. The day you get tired of satanic attacks is the beginning of your freedom.

Beloved, until we get to the point where we can say ‘Enough is enough’ there will be no change in our lives. When we become divinely dissatisfied, and become spiritually restless, then we will begin to stir ourselves up. We will begin to shake off every spirit of slumber and laziness, then and only then will every yoke of the oppressor be broken in our lives. Then we will receive liberty in every area of our lives.

Beloved, this is a divine principle. The day Jabez cried to God, He was heard. The day Hannah cried to God, the book of remembrance was opened for her sake. The day Jacob wrestled with God’s angel he got his breakthrough. The moment the fire of God stirs up holy anger in you over your situation and you pray with spiritual violence, every yoke will be broken.

Violent prayer coupled with violent faith gives you uncommon breakthroughs. Violent prayer is persistent prayer. It is unshakeable, insistent. It is adamant prayer; stubborn prayer; enough-is-enough prayer; unapologetic prayer, that is, prayers you pray without regret; bold prayer, that is, fearless with courage to demand a response; unwavering prayer; steadfast prayer. It has just one goal: ELIMINATION OF THE ENEMY.

Violent prayer is aggressive prayer, that is, hard-hitting and bold. It is demanding prayer, that is, pressing for immediate response; it is expectant prayer filled with aggressive anticipation of victory; it is militant prayer, that is, combative and fighting prayer; compelling prayer; urgent prayer; persevering prayer; prayer to give God no alternative but to answer; it is machine gun prayer;  When you combine violent faith and violent prayer, there would be healing, there would be restoration. Storms will be silenced. There would be deliverance from trouble. There will be a scattering of the enemy. As you embark on this fasting and prayers, may all your stubborn problems and enemies die in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Section :

A. Thank God for your life and for what He will do in this program

B. Confess every of your known and unknown sins and that of your ancestors, ask for mercy and repent of them all.

C. Quality Praise Worship


1. Any sin or satanic powers that say my prayers will not be answer be destroy by the blood of Jesus in the name of Jesus

2. O God of Elijah answer my prayers by fire in the name of Jesus

3. Blood of Jesus, Fire of God deliver my body, spirit and soul in the name of Jesus

4. Foundational battles in my life collapse by fire in the name of Jesus

5. O God arise, in your anger and let my Goliath die, in the name of Jesus.

6. Covens of darkness working against me and my family die in the name of Jesus

7. Witches and wizard of my family die, in the name of Jesus

8. Altars of darkness troubling me and my family die, in the name of Jesus

9. Stubborn power, behind my problems, die, in the name of Jesus

10. Any evil meeting against my destiny, glory and star scatter by fire, in the name of Jesus

11. Disgrace, shame and sorrow assign against me and my family hear the Word of the Lord, go back to your sender, in the name of Jesus

12. Where is the God of Elijah, contend with them that contend against me, in the name of Jesus

13. Any Idol troubling me and my family, Any idol holding me down die by fire in the name of Jesus

14.My testimony manifest by fire in the name of Jesus

15.Enemies of my destiny, glory and Star die in the name of Jesus

16.Add any prayer point and say the grace.

By Pastor Teddy Omozegbai 


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