Prayer Points For Deliverance From Captivity



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Prayer Points For Deliverance from captivity

Powerful Prayer Points For Deliverance From Captivity

Prayer Courtesy Of The Man Called Kennedy

Bible Text: Isaiah 49:24-26 (24)

1. Heavenly Father, I thank You for the gift of life, sound health and mental orderliness.

2. Anyway and manner that I have sinned against You. Lord, please forgive me.

3. I challenge my body, soul and spirit with the fire of God.

4. Every action, incantations, padlock and bottle used by evil prophets to keep me in captivity, expire by fire, in Jesus’ name.

5. I release myself, family and properties from every physical, spiritual and mental captivity, in Jesus’ name.

6. I loose myself from every internal and external bondage of addiction, in the name of Jesus.

7. Family strongholds, pinning me down in hardship, barrenness and wrongful marital pattern, release me and my children by the thunder fire of God, in Jesus’ name.

8. You the gatekeeper of the prison of destiny, die the sleep of death for my life to advance, in Jesus’ name.

9. Demonic dogs, barking me away from the land of breakthroughs, I smite you by the word of the Lord. Die, in Jesus’ name.

10. Father, contend with all my oppressors and expose the secrets of my enemies and the church, in Jesus’ name.

11. I break through every evil family patterns and ungodly associations in Jesus’ name.

12. Ask the Lord for all you desire for the week. It shall be done, in Jesus’ name.

Watch what happens in that workplace, home or school. Your captors shall surrender and victory shall be yours, in Jesus’ name. Be at your local church as we worship and celebrate our freedom. God Bless You!

You are free at last. Congratulations.

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