Prayer Points For God’s Visitation



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Prayer Points For God's Visitation

Powerful Prayer Points For God’s Visitation


TEXT: LUKE 7: 11-15

PREACHER: Pastor J.T Kalejaiye
Every visitor brings joy. If not at arrival, it will be at the departure. Divine visitation can provoke divine intervention. The above bible text contains some blessings and lessons. It revealed how a widow received four (4) different visitations in a single day.
1. Death paid her a visit and took her only son
PRAYER: Throughout this year 2015, death will not pay you a visit in Jesus name.
2. Many people visited her after the death of her only son just to pay her a condolence visit.
PRAYER: Throughout this year, nobody will pay you a condolence visit in Jesus name.
3. The widow received a divine visitation: she encountered Jesus. That divine visitation provoked Divine Intervention, Divine Restoration and Divine Recovery.
4. After her son was restored, many people visited her order to congratulate her.
PRAYER: During this second half, people will pay you a visit and also send messages to congratulate you in Jesus name.
The condition of the widow was considered hopeless and irreversible. However, on the way to the cemetery, there was a Divine visitation/encounter. Jesus had compassion on the widow.
Ø Compassion is very powerful. It moves God to action. For example- In Matt. 14:14, Jesus was moved with compassion when he saw a great multitude and He healed them.
Ø Compassion provokes Divine Provision. In Matt. 15:32-38, Jesus had compassion on the multitude and he fed them.
Ø In Mark 1: 40-42. A leper knelt down before Jesus. Jesus was moved with compassion. He touched the leper and the departed from him immediately.
Ø Compassion provokes Divine Intervention. In Matt 20:34, tells us that Jesus had compassion on two blind men. He touched their eyes and immediately they received their sight.
Ø Compassion provokes the Miraculous. Lamentation 3:22, it is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed because His compassion. Romans 9: 15
Ø Compassion is a Forerunner. After compassion, the miraculous follows. Today, Jesus will have compassion on you.

What happened after Jesus touched the coffin?
· After Jesus touched the coffin, the Dead man arose. Everything in you that is dead or inactive will receive a Divine touch in Jesus name.
· After Jesus touched the coffin and the dead man arose, there was a rejoicing. Psalm 30:5 says “Weeping may endure for a Night but joy cometh in the morning. God will touch you and terminate sorrow/weeping in your Life in Jesus name.
· There was a change of destination. The people did not continue to the cemetery. They turned back home. Throughout this year, you and your family will have nothing to do with any cemetery in Jesus name.
· All the people that were waiting at the cemetery for the arrival of the corpse waited in vain. All those that are waiting for your obituary to be printed will be disappointed in Jesus name. Anyone who wants you dead will soon replace you in the grave in Jesus name.
· Many people paid the widow a visit. This time, it wasn’t a condolence visit but a congratulatory visit. During this 2nd half of the year, people will visit you in order to congratulate you in Jesus name.
· The widow’s bitter story changed. God gave her a better/pleasant story to tell. After this meeting, your story will get better and not bitter in Jesus name.
· The widow’s problem led to a testimony. The problem that should have defined her later refined her. Every problem in your life will lead to a testimony in Jesus name.
· The widow changed her garment. She put off the garment of mourning/weeping/sorrow and put on the garment of Praise. All your pains and sufferings will end in Praise very soon, you will testify in Jesus name.

i. Father, please touch my life and let every department of my body begin to function properly in Jesus name.
ii. Father, please touch my marriage and add values to it. I do not want to endure but enjoy it in Jesus name.
iii. Father, please touch my finances/business and let me prosper in Jesus name.
iv. Father, please let your touch provoke the miraculous in my life in Jesus name.
v. Father, during this 2nd half, let me put on the garment of Praise in Jesus name.
vi. I command every problem that is causing me sorrow to lead to a testimony in Jesus name.




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