Prayer Points On It Is My Turn



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Prayer Points On It Is My Turn

Powerful Prayer Points On It Is My Turn

The Lord Shall Make Me Laugh

Texts: Genesis 21:6; Psalms 126:1-3; Ecc. 3:4; Job 5:22

Magnify the Lord for His faithfulness, goodness and mercy of the past eight months of 2015

Honor Him who by His mighty hand enabled you to see the ninth month of the year in the land of the living

Praise God who is upholding you in the faith by His right hand of righteousness

Thank God for uncountable blessings in the physical, spiritual and material

Decree that the word of God for you this month shall run very swiftly to accomplish His divine purpose in your life and in your family

Pray over your life and that of your family that the word of God would grow in your midst and prevail over every contrary words

Pray the the same God who visited Sarah and made to her laugh pay a special visit to you this month and give you a gift of laughter

Laugher is the opposite sadness; decree every root cause of sadness and sorrow be uprooted from your life

Pray according to Psalms 126 that every captivity of your life and family be completely turned around this month

Decree that your heart be filled with new melody, your mouth with laughter and your home with celebrations this month

Decree that your season of weeping is over, your season of laugher has come

Manifestation of delayed good expectation initiates laughter; pray that your long awaited miracle shall manifest this month

Decree that the gift of laughter from the Lord to you shall introduce laughter into the lives of others

Come against every agent of sorrow and sadness and decree they shall not proposer in your life and in that of your family this month

Declare with serious determination, my case is different; my life shall not be touched by famine and destruction in any way shape or form this month

Thank you Jesus for answered prayers.



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