Prayer To Come Out Of Darkness



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Bible Reading: Ps 46: – 11, 54:1 – 7, Isa 61:1-4, Deut. 28:1-14
Prayer To Come Out Of Darkness

Powerful Prayer To Come Out Of Darkness

Beloved, the room of darkness is not a room that can be seen with the ordinary eyes unless God opens your eyes or you pray to a certain level and God gives you revelations about it.  What we are talking about is a spiritual room that exists in the spirit.  These evil spiritual rooms differ from one another and the enemies choose which room they want to lock their victims in.  These rooms could be inside the rock, tree, and animal, in the air, ground or grave yard.  This reminds me of the testimony of a man who at the age of 56years was neither married nor have children.  This man has never had any sexual urge since he was born (impotent) but he said he was always having a dream of seeing himself, a woman and 3 children in a room.  This continued until the day someone told him to his face that his life was meaningless.  This made him go into 14 days fasting and prayer program.  On the 14th day of the program he had a revelation that an angel of the Lord appeared into him and took him on a journey to a burial ground.  When they got there, the angel went straight to a tomb and tapped it.   A corpse of many years that died even before the man was born came forth and the angel told the corpse to hand over what belongs to the man to him, the corpse said he transferred it to another person before he died so the angel took him from one corpse to another like 17 people that died even before he was born. The last person they transferred it to whom the man recognized as his father’s brother who died 10years ago.  The angel then asked the corpse to hand over what belongs to the man to him; the corpse went back to his tomb and brought out a calabash that contained a man, woman and 3 children.  Immediately the man opened the calabash he woke up.  Immediately the man woke up he noticed his manhood came alive.  For the very first time in his entire life, he had sexual urge.  Two months after the dream, the man gets married and within four years he has 3 children.  You too can call unto God and he will surely answer you in Jesus name.
Prayer point
  1. O God I thank you because I am alive only by your grace.
  2. O God forgive me of all my sins and have mercy on me in Jesus name.
  3. You heaven of my prayers open now and never close again in the name of Jesus.
  4. Holy Ghost fire, arise and fight for me in Jesus name.
  5. Let the fire of the Holy Ghost, waste all my enemies in Jesus name.
  6. Let the bulldozer of God, pull down every room of darkness I am caged in, in Jesus name.
  7. Let the hand of God, uproot every evil tree that has harbor my glory of fruitfulness in Jesus name.
  8. Let every dark room of witchcraft, that is harboring my reproductive organ, be set ablaze in Jesus name.
  9. Every evil instrument, used to collect my sperm in the spirit realm thereby making my sperm unproductive in real life, catch fire in Jesus name.
  10. Every evil pot used to cook my sperm/egg in witchcraft coven, let the pot and the cook be roasted by fire in Jesus name.
  11. Let every witchcraft abattoir, where the enemies take me to, to abort my pregnancies in the spirit realm, be destroyed by fire in Jesus name.
  12. Let every room of darkness of my father’s house where my image, glory and the glory of my unborn children are locked catch fire in Jesus name.
  13. Every chain of darkness tying me down, and preventing me from moving forward, catch fire in Jesus name.
  14. Strongman of darkness, using the glory of my fruitfulness, fall down and die in Jesus name.
  15. Every ancient room in my family lineage, that has caged all the destiny children in my family, I come out of you in Jesus name.
  16. You my unborn children, hear the voice of your mother/father, come out of any ancient dark room you are locked up in, in Jesus name.
  17. I pull out my children (male and female), with their glory from the lion’s den in Jesus name.
  18. Every good thing stolen from my life, and has been taken to the grave by a dead relative, you grave open and vomit them by fire in Jesus name.
  19. Every idol power house in my village, where names of unborn generations are dedicated, catch fire in Jesus name.
  20. Every dark room in my family compound that requires blood, to gain access into it and is now requesting for the blood of my pregnancy, be destroyed by fire in Jesus name.
  21. Every dark room, that is requesting for blood and where the images of myself and my husband are caged, catch fire, in Jesus name.
  22. Any carved image that is representing me in the dark room, that they are burning and is affecting my health, scatter in Jesus name.
  23. Any strongman that says he will not let me go unless he takes my life, be roasted by fire in Jesus name.
  24. Every satanic barber that has shaved the hair on my head, armpit or pubic area, and is using it against me, catch fire in Jesus name.
  25. Any evil priest that has access to my fingernails, toe nails and sanitary pads and has placed it on an evil altar, let the priest and the evil altar catch fire in Jesus name.
  26. Let the power of the most high, that took the Israelites out of Egypt take me out of slavery room in Jesus name.
  27. By the power that brought Jonah out of the belly of fish, O God pull me out of the room of darkness in Jesus name.
  28. Every dark elder, using my glory and my body to prolong their years, O Lord set me free and let them die in Jesus name.
  29. Strongman of darkness, that has swallowed my glory and the glory of my unborn children, vomit them now and die in Jesus name.
  30. Any power or padlock, where my pregnancy is being locked up, thereby preventing my pregnancy from advancing, break open and catch fire in Jesus name.
  31. Every wicked spirit, using my mother or any relative against me die, in Jesus name.
  32. I jump out of the bondage of my mother, you my mother, jump out of me, in Jesus name.
  33. Every spirit that did not allow my father to enjoy his marriage and is now troubling my life, leave my life alone in Jesus name.
  34. I break loose from the grip of spirit husband/wife in Jesus name.
  35. Powers tying me down in the dark room of life, loose me and let me go, die in Jesus name.
  36. Pray the following prayers by jumping up and using your hands to break: By fire, by force, I break and jump out of:
  1. the rooms of darkness
  2. the hands of the slave drivers
  3. the midst of familiar spirit.
  4. witchcraft coven.
  5. the hands of glory killers
  6. evil association
  7. long time problems
  8. inordinate affections
  9. All-round failure
  10. Shame and disgrace
  11. repeated miscarriages
  12. the grip of iron-like curses
  13. like mother like daughter problems
  14. like father like son problems.
  15. Under evil umbrellas of my father’s house.
  16. Under closed heaven
37. Then prophesy like this:
  • I withdraw all my lost blessings from the room of darkness.
  • I withdraw my fragmented body.
  • Joy of marriage
  • Lost opportunities
  • Glory of my life
  • Fruitfulness
  • Wasted years
  • Womb
  • Ovulation
38. I am pregnant with babies. No more blood until the day of delivery.
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