Prayer To Overcome Food Addiction



Prayer to overcome food addiction ta


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Prayer To Overcome Food Addiction


Powerful Prayer To Overcome Food Addiction

Dear Lord today I come to you in need of strength against food addiction. This thing feels bigger than me. I no longer want this addiction and the control that it has over me. I am ready to be a new person – a strong, powerful, overcoming man/woman of God. You tell us in your Word that you have given us power over all things. Starting today I am going to begin walking in that power.
In the name of JESUS I take authority over a spirit of Gluttony – you have no power over me. I don’t need you and I don’t want you. I now command that you leave my mind, thoughts and body. I break the chains of addiction that have been controlling me. I refuse to allow food to have any control over me.  
Today I take on strength, power and self-control. Food has NO power over me in Jesus name! When Jesus went to the cross He broke the powers of hell – including all addictions. Holy Spirit I now ask that you would fill me – grant me greater love for myself, love for others, self-control and the desire to love myself more than food. I now praise God for the victory that I will begin to walk in today.   In Jesus name I pray.    amen
Pray this prayer out loud first thing in the morning. Put on your Armor of God (see post) and say “Today food has no power over me!” Be sure to say this OUT LOUD with authority – scream it if you have to. This thing is demonic and you must speak with power and authority. YOU are beautiful. This demonic food addiction has been used to stop you from being the man/woman whom God has called you to be. Be blessed beloved I am praying for you.
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