Prayer To St Valentine For A Happy Marriage



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Prayer To St Valentine For A Happy Marriage


Powerful Prayer To St Valentine For A Happy Marriage

Saint Valentine, Patron of Lovers – Prayers for Happy Marriages and Couples

Prayer for the Blessing of a Marriage

My Saviour Jesus, Who hast united us in so indissoluble a tie by means of a great sacrament, maintain us in a spirit of union and concord, loving one another as Thou dost love the Church; give us the spirit of patience and gentleness, peacefully to bear with each other’s faults; arm us with the spirit of prudence and holiness, so that we may always remain within the limits of our duties, and in no way offend Thee by any act opposed to the profound respect due to Thy sacrament.

Send us a spirit of prudent concern and forethought, that we may with justice and charity provide for the needs of our family.

Preserve us from the spirit of the world and the love of its vanities, so that we may only seek to please Thee, our God, our Love, the true bond of our hearts.

Inspire us with a true spirit of faith, so that our home may be a school of piety, and a sanctuary where all virtue may be found.

Keep far from us, O God! far from us the misfortune of being the cause of our children’s ruin through our over-indulgence or our disedifying life. Keep far from our home whatever could be a scandal or an occasion of sin.

O Mary! to thy maternal heart we recommend our children: be to them a Mother, and form their hearts to virtue. Tender Mother, may they be pious, charitable, and always Christian; may their lives, filled with good works, be crowned by a holy death.

O Mary, may we all be reunited in heaven, there to contemplate thy glory, to celebrate thy goodness to us, and thy love, and to bless thee eternally with thy dear Son Jesus Christ. Amen


Prayer of One About to Be Married

O Gracious Father, who dost bless us by Thy bounty, pardon us by Thy mercy, support and guide us by Thy grace, and govern us by Thy providence: I give Thee humble and hearty thanks for all the mercies which I have received at Thy hands in time past.

And now, since Thou hast called me to the holy estate of marriage, be pleased to be with me in my entering into it and passing through it, that it may not be a state of temptation or sorrow to me by occasion of my sins or infirmities, but of holiness and comfort, of love and dutifulness, as Thou hast intended it to be to all that love and fear Thy holy name. Amen



Saint Valentine bless us


Saint Valentine of Terni Marrying Sabino and Serapia, stained glass window at basilica in Terni, Italy;


Saint Valentine – Patron of Love

Saint Valentine lived in the 3rd century. He is considered the founder of the Christian community of Terni, Italy and was its first bishop. Because of his faith he was persecuted under the emperor Aureliano and beheaded in Rome on the 14th of February (around 273). His body was taken to Terni and buried there. His relics are kept in the basilica, in a silver statue in a crystal cabinet with a sign: “Saint Valentine patron of love”.

Why is Saint Valentine the patron of lovers?

There are several legends about this. Apparently, saint Valentine loved roses and used to give them to young couples of fiancées to wish them a happy union. As the story goes, Valentine one day heard a couple fighting, he gave them a rose and spoke to them helping them to reconcile. After that, there was a procession and people wanted his blessing for new families. Since Valentine was busy also with other things, he established the 14th day of every month for this blessing. It has remained the 14th of February, the day of his death.

Every year, in the church dedicated to saint Valentine in Terni, hundreds of couples of fiancées gather for the Celebration of the Promise (Festa della Promessa) before getting married, to promise each other love.


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Terni is the city of Saint Valentine, the patron of lovers, one of the most famous saints, celebrated all over the world. Here he is celebrated during the whole month of February!

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