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Prophetic Prayer Points

Powerful Prophetic prayer points


Isaiah 54:6-: For the Lord hath called thee as a woman forsaken and grieved in spirit, and a wife of youth, when thou wast refused, saith thy God.
# Praying for that man, that woman who is grieved in, his or her spirit and soul, over their children and spouse # Grieved because of the hurt caused by your present circumstances
# Grieved because of the loss of a loved one # Grieved because someone you loved dearly, has betrayed and let you down
# Grieved because of your son who is under strong Satanic bondage and delusion
# Grieved because of that daughter of yours, that is being held, hostage by drugs and alcohol addiction
# Grieved because the enemy has kidnap your daughter, and he’s holding her hostage in the dark pit of prostitution
# Grieved because of your son whom the enemy has locked up, in prison
# Grieved because your best friend ran away with the love of your life
# Grieved because of your loved ones, that have walked away from the Lord
# I nullify every satanic attack against your children, in Jesus mighty name
# I lose the bands of wickedness from around the necks of your children, in Jesus name.
# I break every chain of limitations tied around your children’s legs, to slow or completely stop them, in Jesus name
# I frustrate every Satanic gang up against your family in Jesus name
# Every demonic gang up against your children, I cancel in Jesus name
# I come against the spirit of confusion and depression, working against your children. right now, in Jesus Mighty Name.
# I come against every veil of darkness over your children’s mind, spirit and soul, in Jesus Mighty Name I come against every demonic gang up against your children I come against every demonic gang up against your marriage I come against every demonic gang up against your health
# Every plan by the enemy to make you and your family a laughing stock, I cancelled in Jesus name
# Any plan by the enemy to make you weep over your children, I cancel right now, in Jesus mighty name
# That pit of destruction being dug by the devil for your children, they shall not fall into it, in Jesus mighty name
# Every plan by the devil to turn your children into vagabond and drug addict, I cancelled in Jesus mighty name
# Any child of yours snared in the prison-house of drugs addiction. I decree that the snare is broken, in Jesus name
# Any child of yours snared in the prison house sexual perversion. I decree that the snare is broken, in Jesus name
# Any child of yours snared in the prison house alcohol addiction. I decree that the snare is broken, in Jesus name
# Every caged destiny, every caged womb, I command that caged destiny and womb be opened right now, in Jesus mighty name
# I released anyone caged in an abusive marriage or relationship. I decree in Jesus name, be free right now
# I frustrate any plan by the enemy to stigmatized your children with a bad name and a bad reputation, in Jesus mighty name.
# Every strange wind of disaster coming towards your home, I stop it right now, in Jesus mighty name.
# I decree in Jesus mighty name. No, Satanic storm and disaster of any kind shall be able to overcome or overwhelm you and your family ever again
# I hide you and your family in the shadows His wings
# I hide you and your family in the secret place of the most-High God.
# That which you fear shall never become a reality.
# You shall never become a victim of that which you fear
# All evil imagination and the devices, of the devil, shall never become a reality in your life, in Jesus mighty name
# The desires and the hope of the wicked for your children shall not come to pass, in Jesus mighty name
# The Lord shall not allow you to see shame because of your children in Jesus name
# Your children shall not be the object of negative gossip and comments amongst your family members and community anymore, in Jesus name
# Anything that has made you, hide your head in shame because of your children. From today. I decree in Jesus name, the Lord shall turn your shame to double honour for His glory
# I pray the Lord who is the glory and lifter of our heads. To lift you and your children out of shame and obscurity. To a place of honour and dignity, in Jesus mighty name
# You and the children, that the Lord has given you are meant for signs and wonders, and not for shame and disgrace. In the name of Jesus so shall it be.
# Any plan by the enemy to change this narrative, I bind in Jesus mighty name
# The Lord shall contend with that which is contending with your children’s, destiny, counsel and purpose, in Jesus Mighty Name.
# The Lord shall fight against all the forces of hell, fighting against every of His promises and prophetic words spoken over, every member of your family. In Jesus Mighty name
# Isaiah 54:13-: And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord, and great shall be the peace of thy children.
# From today your children shall be thought of the Lord, and great shall be their peace, in Jesus mighty Your children shall longer be influenced by the voice and tricks of the devil in Jesus name
# I put enmity between your children and every Satanic agent, call friends in their
# I decree from today, all your children shall no longer listen to the voice strangers
# In Jesus name, I come against the stigma of mental illness in your child’s life
# Every form of Satanic limitations and label place on you and your family, especially that child of yours, because of past mistakes. I remove right now, in Jesus precious name
# May your glory and that of your children, not be changed into shame and disgrace, in Jesus mighty name.

# From today, I lay hold of God’s mercy seat on behalf of your children. And cry for a change of story, a change status for them, in Jesus Mighty Name.
God Bless
John Oche Omale
Your brother in Christ Jesus




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