T.B Joshua Prayer Points


T.B Joshua Prayer Points

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T.B Joshua Prayer Points

Powerful T.B Joshua Prayer Points


Begin to confess your sins.

In Romans 3:23,

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”

Sin Brings Fear, Confession Brings Freedom

Mathew 1:23

“The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Emmanuel” – which means “God with us”.


Open your lips to every good word. Speak it out because God has established Himself in your heart.

Father, You are with us and that is enough for us
Stay with us, through Your Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name.

Demand for a word – a word that will change the course of your life, a word that will put your enemies in perpetual quietness.

Lord, open my lips to every good word – I am justified, I am no longer condemned, in Jesus’ name. Make me speak Your language, in Jesus’ name.

Draw my heart, O Holy Spirit, that I may love what is holy, in Jesus’ name.

Remember, if your heart is drawn to God, it will be far from Satan.


1. Until a person is willing to admit that he is a sinner in need of salvation, he cannot experience freedom from guilt and condemnation.

Have you ever said, “I plead guilty”? If not, do so right now, you can never save yourself.

2. If it was a matter of power, might and authority, David as a king would rather save himself, rather than admitting his guilt/sin/transgression/error.

3. David admitted responsibility for his wrongdoing. I mean he acknowledged his position as a sinner. That was why he said, “I know my sin and my sin is always before me”. This means he was always troubled by a sense of guilt.

4. When David needed to be happy, the guilt of his sin always robbed him of all joy. When he was eating, the guilt of his sin would not allow him to enjoy his food. When he was sleeping, the guilt of his sin would not allow him to sleep well – thus causing him nightmares.

5. As a child of God when you sin, anytime there is a situation for you to be happy, your conscience always reminds you of your wrong doing/error/guilt.

6. It is not that they would not sin, but when they do, the guilt of that sin would not allow them to have peace of mind until they ask for and obtain forgiveness. This is how we know the children of God.

7. How do we ask for forgiveness? We ask for forgiveness in sincerity and humility of mind. These are what God requires.

8. Remember Psalm 51:6 – “Surely You desire truth in the inner parts; You teach me wisdom in the inmost place.” “Inner parts” means innermost being. This is the communication point of the Holy Spirit (Romans 9:1).

9. If we are to ask for forgiveness, we ask for forgiveness in the inner part, not in the form of fasting and praying without a thorough reformation of heart and life. Not in the waving of hands in worship without a thorough reformation of heart and life.

10. Psalm 51:7 – Here David acknowledged his situation to be so bad. Remember, no one is too good or too bad to qualify for salvation. What David was saying was that it was after a thorough cleansing that he would be able to experience the joy of salvation.

11. How do we come before God in humility and sincerity of mind? We come before Him in sincerity and humility of mind when we ask Him not to comfort us until He cleanses us from our sin. In other words, we are seeking first the Kingdom of God – which is the salvation of our souls.

12. David knew that wicked people could wave hands in worship without a thorough reformation of heart and life. David knew that wicked people could pray and fast without a thorough reformation of heart and life.

13. David asked God not to comfort Him until he was cleansed from his iniquities/wrongdoing/sin. In other words, he was not asking for miracles/blessing/prosperity/victory, but the cleansing of the blood of Jesus. If you are cleansed by the blood of Jesus you are cleansed indeed.

14. The Spirit of the living God fall afresh on me, melt me, remould me, fill me and use me.

15. Can we see why many experience nightmares? When our sleep is disrupted: you are about to sleep and you begin to think of the many mistakes you made during the day – with this state of mind you are bound to experience nightmares.

16. The question we need to ask ourselves:

Who accuses the conscience of the children of God? The Holy Spirit prompts our conscience to accuse. Holy Spirit does this by making us see how wrong our sin is or our intention. When a child of God sins or attempts to do so, the Holy Spirit opens His eyes to see how wrong his sins are (John 16:8).

17. Remember what happened to Peter in that book of Luke 22:44 – end. When Peter denied Jesus Christ it was the Holy Spirit who prompted his conscience to accuse him to repentance, whereas the same cannot be said of Judas Iscariot – the betrayer.

18. Sin regarded in our hearts spoils the comfort of His grace and ruins the success of our prayer.

19. We cannot share the spiritual privilege of His grace if we continue to love/regard sin in our heart (Psalm 66:18).

20. The spiritual privileges of His grace:

(Romans 5:8, Hebrews 7:25)

He died for us.

He reigns in power for us.

He still prays for us.

21. Satan is synonymous with sin – I mean another word for Satan is sin; satan rules through sin; satan does nothing without sin.

22. One of the things that gives Satan authority over a person is sin.

23. If Satan can keep a person sinning, he has a big opportunity/a great chance in a person’s life.

24. When we sin, Satan has a foothold in heart.

25. When a child of God sins or attempts to do so, the Holy Spirit opens his eyes to see how wrong his sins are (John 16:8).

26. When Peter denied Jesus Christ, it was the Holy Spirit that prompted his conscience to accuse him to repentance.

27. When the Holy Spirit takes residence within us, He does so with the thought of aiding us in developing a holy character, whereas the same cannot be said of satan. When he takes up residence within his people, he does so with the thought of aiding them in developing evil character.

28. If you begin to think of tomorrow or yesterday you are building tension around your today because each day has enough trouble of it’s own (Mathew 6:34).

28. What takes up residence within you determines the life you live/lead. Whoever you yield yourself to obey, that is whose servant you are (6:16).

29. When a child of God sins or attempts to do so, his conscience accuses him.

30. Faith is the cause, the means, the instrument, the spiritual Armour by which we overcome sin/the world.

31. How does faith overcome sin/the world – faith sanctifies the heart and purifies it from those lusts of the world.

32. If you are in faith, you are not satisfied by the world but look beyond it. This is what the Bible means by,

“You are in the world but not part of it.” (John 17:16).

33. A man of faith is led by an indwelling Spirit of grace, which is greater than he who dwells in the world.

34. A man of faith is led by an indwelling Spirit of grace, which is greater than he who dwells in the world.

35. A man of faith does things out of peace of mind not for money, fame and popularity.

36. Whatever situation you are in, the way you handle it matters. Remember, the whole world is watching you, among them your friends and foes.

37. When Jesus wept at the death of Lazarus, some said, “See how He loved him”, while others said, “Don’t mind him, is only pretending,” Remember, none of these comments mattered to Jesus. He was not overwhelmed as a man of faith. He knew that if one must obtain victory, one should learn to appreciate the good works of God and His presence around one.

38. Jesus did this in two ways, first He began to testify to the good works of God and then to thank Him in the anticipation of the better things to come.  This is the kind of faith Jesus expects of us today.

39. If you must obtain victory over that situation, you should begin to appreciate the good works of God and His presence around, instead of blaming your unpleasant situation on poor family background or anyone else.

40. Victory obtained through Christ Jesus is already there who recognize it. I mean, it is not your work but your faith in His finished works.

41. A man of faith would say, “Thank You Jesus for healing me,” even when the pain is yet there.

42. A man of faith would say, “Thank You Jesus for blessing me,” even when the signs of poverty are yet there.

43. A man of faith would say, “Thank You Jesus for setting me free,” even when he is yet to obtain the real freedom.

44. A man of faith is not overwhelmed by the happenings around but looks beyond it. This is the kind of faith Jesus expressed in His Father during His earthly ministry.

45. For example, in John 11:41, Jesus thanked His Father for hearing Him, even when He was not yet to pray. This was an expression of absolute trust in His Father that He was working out the answer.

46. Remember, when Jesus was thanking God, Lazarus was still in the grave (tomb), but as a man of faith Jesus would not be overwhelmed by what was seen. What was seen was dead Lazarus in the grave (tomb).

47. Remember,

– He gave testimony of what had happened in the past.

– Jesus was thanking His Father in the anticipation of what He was expecting.

48. Sin is the bitter root of hardship/sickness/disease.

49. Those who by sin were darkness, by grace of God Almighty became light in the Lord.

50. Unless you are cleansed from your sin/iniquity/transgression, whatever blessing you receive will face greater challenges that will leave you worse that you were before the blessing.

51. If you have everything your heart desires while yet in sin, whatever you have will face greater challenges that your fame, wealth, popularity cannot stand.

52. Be not be deceived, money cannot buy happiness/comfort/joy of salvation.

(Ecclesiastes 10:19).

53. David knew that even in his wealth and splendor, he would not have share in the Kingdom of God, unless he was cleansed.

(Romans 51:3-4).

54. Each time David looked through the window as a king, he saw nothing but the lure and cares of the world, none of which gave him joy. He felt rejected and far away from God.

55. It is better to deal with the source, cause, root of a problem, than trying to solve it.

56. If you receive a solution to your problem without knowing the source/cause, such solution will not stand the test of time. I mean, it is a temporary.

57. John 5:14, “Later Jesus found him at the temple and said to him, ‘see you are well again. Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you’.” Jesus was telling him there that it was better to deal with sin – the cause, the root, the foundation, than to run after men of God for help/solution.

58. If you want to enjoy the redemption, blessing, prosperity, miracle you receive, you should remain cleansed.

59. When we sin, we belong to the kingdom of darkness.

60. In heaven there is perfect light and there is no darkness at all. In hell there is complete darkness and there is no light at all.

61. Psalms 40:12, “For troubles without numbers surround me; my sins have overtaken me, and I cannot see. They are more than the hairs of my head, and my heart fails within me.”

David could no longer see anything except the fruit of the sin. For example, failure in the battle; failure in the family; failure on his throne.

62. Money can buy drugs and treatment, but money cannot buy good health. Money can treat, but money cannot heal.

63. Today many, who in spite of their millions in their bank account, their estates, position, power are on the sick bed, praying that their money, position, wealth should go so that they may regain their good health. Here you are laughing/looking/walking freely.

64. For an instance, a man whom the doctors say would be operated upon, would rather that he spends his millions in order to avert the surgical operation – but his situation cannot be quantified in terms of money, position and fame.

Unless you are cleansed form your sin, whatever blessing you receive would face greater challenges in terms of tension, pressure, anxiety, nightmares, fear, panic and the likes.

65. Did you once feel close to God and now you feel distant? God is a rewarded of those who diligently seek HIM (Hebrews 11:6).

66. The question we need to ask ourselves is,

What can make one who once felt close to God feel distant? Can hardship, sickness, persecution? No, all these cannot stop anyone who diligently seeks God

(Romans 8:36 – end).

67. What does the Bible means by “diligently seek Him. Those who are steadfast in their faith, those who believe in HIM in both good and hard times alike, those who see their hard times as reason for believing in God just as they see their good times as a reason as well (Hebrews 11:6).

68. Remember, this is not your first assembly/church. You have been a member of many assemblies/churches in the past. Can we call your movement from one assembly to another a sign of one who diligently seeks God?

69. How do we seek God? Is it by running after men of God without faith; going around churches without faith? Remember, if you are in any assembly/church without faith, you will still leave for another one, because the thing that is chasing you will not stop without faith.

70. Faith is the cause of victory, the means, the instrument, the spiritual armour by which we overcome sin/the world.

71. When we run after men of God without faith, anything can overwhelm us, anything can influence us.

72. Mathew 15:23 – The Canaanite woman:

Jesus did not answer a word. So His disciples came to Him and urged Him,

“Send her away, for she keeps crying out after us.” Jesus ignored her.

Remember, the woman must have felt humiliated when the disciples asked for the master to send her away.

How many of you here can stand such a situation?

73. If the woman had run after Jesus without faith, she would have been stopped – first, by the way she was ignored by Jesus, and then by the way she was humiliated by the disciples.

74. Mathew 15:24 – He answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.”

Remember, the woman was not an Israelite. These words only were enough to stop any other without faith. Instead of giving up, she kept pressing on.

75. Mathew 15:26 – He replied, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to their dogs.” Remember, “dogs” as used here portrayed as somebody without honor or respect. She was not discouraged; she was an example of a diligent seeker.

76. Patience/perseverance, endurance, forbearance are the tools, the instrument for a man of faith.

77. A man without faith is a man without perseverance /forbearance /endurance /patience.

78. Wait patiently for the Lord. Don’t be worried about your friends who make it in crooked/dubious ways.

(Psalms 37:7-9).

79. As a man of faith, believe that the prayer you offered and fasting you did in the past are not lost. They will come back to you in hundred folds, just continue to include God in your decisions.

80. We cannot share the spiritual privileges of His grace if we continue to love/regard sin in our heart

(Psalms 66:18).

81. God does nothing without His word.

(Luke 18:8).

82. O Holy Spirit, replace the fear within me with a strong faith.

(Psalms 23:4).

83. O Holy Spirit, replace the anxiety within me with quiet confidence.

(Psalms 121).

84. O Holy Spirit, replace the tension within me with a Holy relaxation.

(Revelation 7:17).

85. There is no limit to God’s patience.

86. Remember, faith is the cause of victory, the means, the instrument and armor by which we overcome.

……….these words of wisdom and T.B Joshua prayer points are adapted from Emmanuel TV in 2006, before its full launching, are then re-written by Philemon, Tanzania.



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