By This Time Tomorrow Prayer Points



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By This Time Tomorrow Prayer Points

By This Time Tomorrow Prayer Points And Sermon

“Elisha replied, ‘Hear this message from the LORD! This is what the LORD says: By this time tomorrow in the markets of Samaria, five quarts of fine flour will cost only half and ounce of silver, and ten quarts of barley grain will cost only half an ounce of silver.” 2 kings 7: 1
There is an imminent solution coming your way. As you digest this timely message, expect the power of God to bring about a new dawn in your life. You will agree with me that these are very trying times. Individuals, groups, corporations and nations are really struggling, amongst other problems, to get out of economic, political and security challenges. Some of these problems have also proved unsolvable and protracted; defying all known human solutions. Today, our economic and political lexicons have been over-stretched to accommodate news jargon and coinages that have been used while trying to explain, interpret and proffer solutions to these global problems. Today, an ordinary man on the street can virtually give lectures on these subjects – economic reform, austerity measure, bail out, money market, conflict resolution, security, intelligence, etc. This is made possible through the quantum of discussions, talk shows, workshops, symposia and conferences that are convened daily to find solutions to all these problems. But have we succeeded? NO!
Now, I want to say that we have reached the stage where we must go back to the bible and imbibe the divine principles that God gave us to solve human problems. Every situation we go through in this generation, sure, has a corresponding account in the scriptures. There is no circumstance that is entirely strange to the word of God. He knew that in some point in our life as individuals or as a nation that we would come to a stage where our human ability and efforts would fail us. So, he graciously put in place the mechanisms from the manual of life (bible) to help us. When we have difficulties in life, we must endeavor to look into this book and find solutions to our problems. There is no situation that cannot be solved through the word of God. And that is why the bible said that there is nothing new under the sun. Show me any problem and I will show you a corresponding situation and solution from the scriptures.
Israel was in a very precarious situation. They were invaded and plundered by the Syrians (Aramians). The result of this enemy invasion was so severe that it triggered off famine and anarchy in the land. They were humiliated. They were defeated, disgraced and disrobed. There were hunger, anger, lawlessness and even backsliding. People were killing their children for food. They ate forbidden things to survive. I could hear them querying the existence of God. I could hear them doubting the just nature of God; because they did nothing to warrant the attack of the Syrians in the first place. Israel has been good to them. But the Syrians, especially their king, have been making every effort to destroy them. Yes, sometimes it happens that way. The people you did well to turning back to pay you with evil, treachery, etc.
Do the above words describe what you are going through? Do they describe the situation in your family, nation? Look into your life again; are there arrows of the enemy that you cannot fully explain why and how they got into your life? The struggle is so much that you have already started backsliding. The waiting is so long that your faith has become weak, and you have started sliding back to your former sinful life. You are disgraced, disenchanted, dispirited? Have you not even gradually started doubting the love and the existence of God? The people of Israel were also in the same situation. It seemed like there was no hope for them. Even their king openly expressed that, “It is the LORD who has brought this trouble on us! Why should I wait any longer for the LORD?” Did you hear that?
But suddenly, the word of the LORD came through Prophet Elisha and that is where we got our main text above. You can go back and read it again. It announced that things were going to be normal again; that the economy of Israel was going to be turned around in 24 hours – tomorrow! God always has His plans (sometimes unknown to us) to deliver His people. They thought it was over, but suddenly He came for their rescue. His word that is coming for you today in the name of Jesus! As you are reading this, there is already a divine realignment (rearrangement, repositioning, relocation) that is going on your behalf now. Your time of deliverance has come.
This is the era of the prophetic. Like I will always say, there are problems that will only bow to prophetic utterances. And you will believe with me that, that is the stage where we are now. This situation that has defied solution will certainly bow to this prophetic voice today. His said that He brought them out of slavery and also established them by the prophets. This is the era of the manifestations of the true prophetic voices that will usher us (individually and nationally) into the next phase of the plan of God. No power on earth can stop this. We need this now. Our nation needs it. We need the prophetic voice to show direction in these gloomy and fearful times. Yes, the prophetic is the answer. Our leaders need it. I pray that the power of God that is behind this message would bring a sudden positive intervention in your situation, in Jesus’ name! Don’t miss the next related explosive messages also coming on the essence of the prophetic. It is our time of deliverance. Begin to praise God. Till next week, God bless you!
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