Prayer Points On Psalm 125



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Prayer Points On Psalm 125

Powerful Prayer Points On Psalm 125

Power To Break The Rod Of The Wicked.

Topic: Power To Break The Rod Of The Wicked.
Text: Psalm 125 vs 3, 2 Timothy 4 vs 18.

Confessions: The power of God that is working in me, is able to break in pieces the rod of the wicked in all areas of my life in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.


“For the rod of the wicked shall not rest upon the lot of the righteous; lest the righteous put forth their hands unto iniquity”( Psalm 125 vs 3). The scripture above is both fearful and comforting. Fearful because the rod of the wicked is real but comforting because God says such rod SHALL NOT REST UPON THE LOT OF THE RIGHTEOUS( emphasis mine).

What is the rod of the wicked? The rod of the wicked refers to the power, authority, violence, wickedness, devises, manipulation and oppression of the wicked against the children of light. We all know that there are witches; evil angels, sorcerers, evil reporters and broadcasters and their tribe. Their poison and cruelty is what is called the rod of the wicked .

You can also call the rod of the wicked the finger of satan( a corollary of the Biblical finger of God!). How can the rod of the wicked be detected? 1. When progress suddenly stops. 2. When success or breakthrough is elusive. 3. When a Christian suddenly starts to mis-behave by committing sins. 4. When sickness of any kind defies cure. 5. When God’s pattern for a destiny is tampered with. 6. When darkness thickens around a destiny. 7. When frustration sets in as a result of long expectation.

The rod of the wicked is real. It is an evil seed sowed to poison a vineyard; an anti-climax of success and contamination of joy. When two friends suddenly break up and refuse to be reconciled- the rod of the wicked has located that friendship. When a marriage shakes and shudders as a result of crises, misgivings, suspicion and all that, the rod of the wicked is not far from it. When a ministry starts to quake and falter for no tangible reason- the rod of the wicked is hiding within and around it.

In the Bible, Samson and Solomon failed in their callings because of the rod of the wicked that manifested as strange women in their lives. Saul the King failed as a King because of this same rod. Moses could not get to the promised land because of the rod of the wicked that showed up as anger. Rod of the wicked is writing of satan in a soul. It is a calculated evil, a programmed design of darkness and a well- supervised agenda of destruction of satan against any soul.

Good news! As vicious and pernicious the rod of the wicked is, God is able to break it! The power of God( Psalm 62 vs 11); word of God or sword of the spirit( Ephesians 6 vs 17); the name of the Lord( Jesus) (Proverbs 18 vs 10); the blood of the lamb( Rev 12 vs 11) and violent prayers( Matthew 11 vs 12) are some of the ways to break this evil. A life of vigilance and holiness is real defense against this wickedness. Obey God and the wicked will give up concerning you.

Lastly, if you have not given your life to the Lord Jesus Christ, you are living on borrowed hours! It is simply risky. Satan does not suffer any resistance to deal with anyone lacking Christ in his life. Please, don’t delay any longer: give your life to its owner: Jesus Christ. Are you born again already? Great! Then, don’t toy with sin again please. Satan uses sins to penetrate lives, they are his tickets to do his evils. Seek to be spirit- filled and you will move up in all areas of your life. Satan will try you but he will always fail because you are redeemed from the hand of the enemy! No rod of the wicked will fall upon you in Jesus’ name. Amen. Shalom.


Appreciate God’s finished works of victory over the enemy for you. Bless Him with all your heart, mind and soul.

1. Lord of hosts, mighty army in battle, glory to your holy name in Jesus’ name.
2. Father, destroy every seed of destruction sowed against my glory in Jesus’ name.
3. Holy Ghost, locate the rod of the wicked in all areas of my life and destroy them by your fire in Jesus’ name.
4. Rod of the wicked in my health, receive fire and burn by fire in Jesus’ name.
5. Rod of the wicked in my finances, receive thunder and burn in Jesus’ name.
6. Rod of the wicked in my ministry, crash without recovery in Jesus’ name.
7. Secret hands drawing me back to emptiness, wither in Jesus’ name.
8. Arise O Lord, feed my troublers with fire day and night in Jesus’ name.
9. Angels of violence and horror, invade the lives of my pursuers and reduce them to dust in Jesus’ name.
10. Holy Ghost, withdraw my name and image from witchcraft coven in Jesus’ name.
11. Lord Jesus, break every vow of darkness made against my rising in Jesus’ name.
12. Father of spirits, reverse every demonic burial of my good opportunities in Jesus’ name.
13. Powers pulling me away from my spiritual shelter, die suddenly in Jesus’ name.
14. Voice of rejection and repulsion activated against me, crack and cease in Jesus’ name.
15. Lord, avenge for me speedily and vindicate me openly in Jesus’ name.
16. Evil feet upon my field of success, catch fire and burn in Jesus’ name.
17. Evil ultimatum issued against my marriage and safe delivery, fail in Jesus‘ name.
18. Where is Lord God of Elijah? Release fire into the gathering of my detractors in Jesus’ name.
19. Lord, with your broom of destruction, sweep away spiritual terrorists working against my manifestation in Jesus’ name.
20. Father of light, disgrace every parade of darkness against the light of Nigeria in Jesus’ name.
21. Thank you Lord for maintaining my cause and my right in Jesus’ name.




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