Prayer Points On The Cross



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Prayer points on the cross

Powerful Prayer Points On The Cross

MFM International Headquarters Eagle Hour Financial Empowerment program and Prayer Clinic (Two in one Sunday Service)

Ministering: Pastor Abiodun Aladejola (A.G.O)

Topic: The Way of the Cross

Anchored Scriptures: 1 Corinthians 1:18Open in Logos Bible Software (if available), John 3:16Open in Logos Bible Software (if available), John 15:13Open in Logos Bible Software (if available), Colossians 2:15Open in Logos Bible Software (if available), Luke 1:74Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)


This morning, we are looking at what I titled ‘the way of the cross’.
How are we connected to the cross?
What is our relationship with the cross?
Particularly in the light of the watchword of this great ministry for this year. It is our year of spiritual revival and new glory.

– What will I do to be revived?

– What will I do to carry the glory of God?

– What will I do so that I’ll not be an object of pity but an object of envy?

This year is our year of spiritual revival meaning every aspect of our lives must be revived.
Every aspect of our life that must be revived. If there is a message that must be brought back to the church, it is the message of the cross.
The cross is missing in the lives of many believers.

Just last week Sunday. Our father in the Lord discussed with us in a teaching, the life of prophet Ayo Babalola.
Why was this prophet able to be at the forefront of revival? This man of God served God wholeheartedly. He served and followed God wholeheartedly.
God doesn’t use a person who is careless or unserious set of people. That’s why you can practically see that God is absent in the lives of many people.

I pray that this year, that the power of the Almighty God will be evident in your lives in the name of Jesus!

The preaching of the cross to those that are outside, to them; it doesn’t have meaning.
But for those that are saved, it is a message of power.

What is the cross?

1. It is a place where the guilty are prosecuted.

2. It’s a place of agonizing death. Let me tell you, it’s not easy to die.

3. On the cross, it is a slow death. When a person is hanged on the cross, and he is hanged there, it is a painful, agonizing and unpleasant.

4. It is a thing of shame for anyone who is hanged on the cross.
When you now consider Jesus, a man who knew no sin and then went to the cross to die for you and me.

5. The cross is a wooden structure where the son of God was crucified.
The only message that satan fears is the message of the cross of Jesus.
Even those who are our enemies, the only messages that they hate is the message of the cross. They are comfortable with other kinds of messages. Jesus died on that cross.

6. The cross is where the love of God for humanity was demonstrated. God allowed His only begotten son to be humiliated, to be downgraded.

7. The cross is where there is power.

8. The cross is where there is revival.
Let me analyze the love of Jesus. The Bible calls it ‘greater love’. Meaning that there are other loves. They are small compared to the love of Jesus. Examples are the love of husband to wife, the love of friends, families or siblings. This one (the love of Jesus) is greater than them all. This one outshines other loves. John 15:13Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)
In the company of other love, this one ensnares other loves. This love is called ‘everlasting love’.

The scripture said, ‘while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us’.

A.G.O narrates a real life incident
A man was dying of kidney problem. For fear and concerns by family members, they started running here and there to look for help. Since there was no help, they (these family members) decided to pray. They made up their mind to pray for him. Someone suggested that a feather will be tossed up and anyone whom the feather fell on, that person will donate his or her kidney. While the prayer was going on, and as the feather was about to fall on the person leading the prayers, he dodged it. The feather fell on no one.

It is that death on the cross that gave us 7 things:

– The message of the cross is the power of God unto all that are saved. Unto those that will perish, it is foolishness.

– It is the message of the cross that is salvation. Luke 1:74Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)

– The cross makes us to escape damnation. To escape judgement. Brothers and sister, please I want to beg you. If you’re not sure that your name is in the book of life, please make sure that your name is enlisted. You can’t stand the anger of God. Make sure your sins are forgiven. The blood of Jesus has the capacity to wash your sins away.

Another real life experience shared by A.G.O:

Many years ago in the east, there was a message at a prayer meeting. The first person to rush to give his life to Christ was a young man. That young man was the head of native doctors in that village. It was the first it was seen that the head of native doctors was not an old person but a young person. The boy meant it, he wanted to serve God. If you know how many people the man had used for ritual? He said his life was under threat and that other native doctors wanted to kill him.

Sin is Satan’s identity number.
That is why God has sent us to talk about salvation to humanity. We must spread this message. We must not be afraid of faces or be selfish.

A man of God was invited to a wedding. When they put him where he should sit, and he was seated beside a very powerful woman. While the wedding was going on, a voice came to him that he should tell this woman about Jesus. He was scared to tell her but that voice kept coming.
The days of tracts is disappearing in the lives of the modern day Christian. You will get to the offices of believers in the past, and you will find many tracts on the table.
The man of God gave her a tract, she came to him and said she wanted to know more about Jesus. She invited the man to her house and when he got there, he saw a very big mansion and he was afraid.

There is a vacuum inside every man, money cannot fill it, position cannot fill it, authority cannot fill it.
Until when Jesus Christ come into one’s life, that vacuum will be filled.

When you see people with cars. You know there are motors, and there are cars. You want to be like them. The woman showed the man of God a rope she had kept just to use it to hang herself.
It was then she saw a wedding invite that a young girl gave to her, and that’s how she left the rope to attend the wedding where she encountered the man of God.
Right there, she gave her life to Christ and she was saved.

Please, salvation is not cheap. It cannot be compared with anything.
Jesus brought salvation. I ask you a question, are you saved? In the compound you live, in the office you work, does your life portray the life of Christ?

Through the cross,

– We as believers escaped death.

– There is another death awaiting unbelievers.

– The death of the lord Jesus Christ gave us power over the devil. Colossians 2:15Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)

A.G.O shared another real life experience:
There was a man. When he had no money, he had only one wife. When money came, he decided to have a second wife, an extra tyre. He had three children with the first wife. The second wife was advised that this man is very rich and his first wife children will be entitled to every will when he eventually dies. She went to the native doctor and she was killing these children (the first wife’s children) one by one. Fortunately the third child was a child of God, a genuine child of God. She took the picture of that child to the native doctor. The native doctor said he saw danger. She insisted the native doctor go ahead. While he mentioned the name of the child, thunder strucked and killed the native doctor and the woman instantly. The child they were trying to kill was at home eating but God fought for him.


Talk to the Lord this morning that Lord, revive my spiritual life. Tell the Lord to help you this year to serve God this year, to be up and doing. Anything that need to die so that the glory of God can settle upon you, that thing should die. That your life should be profitable to Heaven this year.

Prayer Rain:

Before Ministration prayers by A.G.O:

We need to do some serious binding, some serious scattering today. Witchcraft is bad and how much more when it has tentacles, when there is a conspiracy of darkness.

1. Witchcraft powers assigned against my life this year, wherever you are, die in the name of Jesus!

You will recall the story of Daniel. It was an evil angel that blocked the blessings of Daniel.

2. Dark angels contending with my angels of blessing, wherever you are, die in the name of Jesus!

3. Every deeply entrenched problems in my life: hear the word of the Lord, come out by fire in the name of Jesus!

After Ministration prayers by A.G.O:

When there is power in your life, the evidence will show. There will be proofs.

4. Power of God that cannot be insulted, fall upon me in the name of Jesus!

5. Jesus Christ, you are the story changer; change my story in the name of Jesus!



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