Prayer Points Against Vagabond Spirit



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Prayer Points Against Vagabond Spirit

Powerful Prayer Points Against Vagabond Spirit


The vagabond curse is another dimension to the curse of Cain. When he killed his brother, Abel, God pronounced a curse on him. Simultaneously, the curse exposed him to an evil spirit, which controlled his life.
Generally, curses are activated through the active operations of demon spirits. The spirit that controlled the life of Cain was a vagabond spirit. It came into his life because of the curse that was pronounced on him.
This does not imply that God works in consonance with evil spirits when curses are pronounced. However, when the curse pronounced is an act of Divine judgment, God’s covering over the individual is removed, only to the extent of the curse. Subsequently, the demonic powers, who are always ready to take spoil of people, exploit the situation when they see that the individual is vulnerable.
The story of Job illustrates how satan takes advantage of a situation when God removes His hedge of protection for a reason and for a season. (See Job 1: 6-12)

The word “vagabond” is translated from the Hebrew word “nuwa” which means “a fugitive; to wander up and down.”
Webster Dictionary defines the vagabond as “a person moving from place to place without a fixed home, a wanderer; or someone having the characteristic of a wanderer, leading an unsettled, irresponsible, or disreputable life.”
The vagabond spirit leads to demotion and causes its victim to wander around, to lead an undignified life and to live without a well defined purpose.

The curse associated with a vagabond spirit is illustrated in the story of the prodigal son, the son of a rich Jewish family, who ended up feeding pigs. (See Luke 15: 11-32). For a Jew brought up in a proper Jewish family, no greater humiliation can be experienced as that. The job made him ceremonially unclean and brought him to an open disgrace.
Like the prodigal son, people with vagabond characteristics always act confused and lost because of the perplexity of their situation due to wrong decisions and indecision that become a part of their life, causing them to end up as failures.

Let’s consider some characteristics of people who may suffer from vagabond curse:
The vagabond spirit causes them to lead an unstable and unsettled life style.
They have much uncertainty in their lives and they imagine there is nothing to live for.
Like a waif, they live without a guide; by going from place to place and without a sense of direction.
They are always exposed to disaster and danger, as they are unprotected.
They lead their lives in a cycle, having little or no progress in their endeavor.
They are easily strayed by the storms that come their way, such that their journey in life ends nowhere.
Like vagabonds, they wander around and always experience frustration and failure in their endeavor.
Their finances keep rising and falling. Hence, debt and bankruptcy is their usual experience.
They encounter persistent setbacks and a retarded lifestyle on their job, in their relationships and in their family life.
The following are additional points concerning the pain suffered by people who are under the affliction of a vagabond spirit:
They regularly experience delayed blessings, limited possibilities and progress, unmet expectations, abortion at the edge of breakthrough and inability to hold a blessing for long.
They have a tendency to be destructive, to shed blood, to commit suicide or to destroy relationships at the slightest provocation.
They constantly display uncontrolled temper, anger, hatred, rage and unforgiveness like Cain.
They seldom find help when they need it. People generally refuse to identify with them.
Families and friends exit their lives without reason, so they experience real hardship and live without supports.
They suffer so much poverty and lack. Their affliction is not limited to financial lack; they suffer from lack of love, joy, peace and happiness, too. Their life is always filled with disappointments, dissatisfaction, discontent, depression, despair, loneliness, hopelessness, grief, restlessness and thoughts of suicide.
The vagabond spirit causes its victims to waste their resources. They get busy with so many activities and get very little at the end of the day.
The vagabond spirit is responsible for the loss of focus in many lives, so that they engage in a wrong profession and they keep changing jobs because of lack of satisfaction.
The overwhelming afflictions produced by the vagabond spirit have unknowingly caused many parents to transfer the curse of marital and economic failure and family instability to their children, which could have afflicted them, also.
A growing body of family researchers has shown that children who have been moved from one foster care facility to another have worse developmental outcomes than children who are raised in stable family where both parents are present.
Parents should rise up to fight, morally and spiritually, for the future of their children, by resisting the influence of curses that are caused by the activities of a vagabond spirit in their marriage and family.

While ministering God’s WORD to a certain lady in south East Asia, she told me she was married four times in her life span of fifty four years. When I met her, she had just left her fourth husband.
She confessed that she spent much of her childhood and youth with her grandmother and believes she inherited the curse from her. Her grandmother was married five times, and she died an alcoholic. She attributed her marital ordeal to transference of the spirit of her grandmother.

People should be careful about who places hands on their head for whatever purpose. Many times when we allow people to impart to us through the laying on of hands, we could receive the negative aspects of their lives.
In the Scriptures, although Elisha received a double portion of Elijah’s spirit, he exhibited the uncontrolled emotions of Elijah, too. It was not just the miracles of Elijah that doubled in the life and ministry of Elisha, the anger evidently doubled as well.
The Scriptures record that after Elisha parted the Jordan river with Elijah’s mantle, there was another miracle that happened, he lashed out his rage against young kids who mocked him as a bald-headed man. He commanded bears to come from the forest and kill them. Many skeptics today criticize Elisha, charging him with fiery cruelty for sending bears to kill the children who were taunting him.
Elijah, on the other hand, appeared before king Ahab to announce God’s judgment and killed all the prophets of baal and those who joined them in false idolatrous worship.
Before we allow the laying on of hands and cause transference of spirit, it is prudent that we seek God in prayer and fasting and ask Him concerning the spirit of the person who wants to pray over us. We must protect our spirit from sharing in their weakness, even though they impart to us their strength.
In addition, we must secure the destiny of our children by teaching them not to allow just anybody to lay hands on their heads. Lets us pray and break the stronghold of the evil vagabond spirit from our lives and family, and ask God to rearrange our lives, to be purposeful and fruitful in the name of the LORD JESUS.

If you have a problem in the areas mentioned above, please commit yourself to praying the following prayers. Say them out loud to refuse the influence of the vagabond spirit in your life and family, in the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.
Declaring your prayer out loud and in faith is God’s way of ensuring your freedom. 1 John 5:4 states that our faith is the victory that overcomes all the works of satan.

We thank You for the revelation of Your WORD concerning the vagabond spirit, the evil spirit that causes a retarded lifestyle and a cycle of failure.
We ask You to forgive us the sin of bloodshed.
Deliver us from blood guiltiness. Be the God of our salvation, our Redeemer and Savior, so that our tongue can sing aloud of Your greatness and righteousness.
We break the influence of the vagabond spirit in our lives, marriage, family, career, ministry and business.
We expel from our lives, marriage and career the activities that promote the operation of the vagabond spirit.
We shut the door against the operation of the vagabond spirit in our lives and family right now in the name of the LORD JESUS.
We decree and declare that the works of our hands are blessed of GOD in JESUS’ Name.
We exercise our dominion in CHRIST today and call forth God’s blessings over our family.
We decree and declare that generations of our children are blessed beyond every curse in the name of the LORD JESUS. Amen. Shalom to you always!



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