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Daily Prayer Points With Scriptures

Powerful Daily Prayer Points With Scriptures

Powerful morning prayer points

The book of Psalms chapter 143 verse 8 says, ” Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life.”

Mornings are a beautiful phenomenon. That moment when the sun rises and everywhere gradually turns from being dark to being bright. The sun comes up and it rises all so beautifully. And then the morning comes in all its gentleness. The morning is a very important part of our days as humans. With the sunrise, comes the need to get up and start the day. It is a culture and age long tradition that once the morning comes, all people should automatically leave their bed rests and get to the day’s work. This is how humans have been getting stuff done for centuries. So, looking at all this, it makes perfect sense to start the day with serious prayers. Morning prayers are so important in the life of every individual that is God fearing. Prayers are our simple and traditional way of reaching out to God. And God listens. He hears our pleas and cries and He comes to our rescue. Jesus started with prayers and ended with prayers.

Prayer is a master key. It can be used to unlock blessings, deliverance, prosperity, and joy from heaven. There is nothing a heartfelt prayer cannot solve. Through the power of Jesus Christ. So, in this light, we will take a deep dive into a list of numerous prayers that you can pray in the morning for your day to start on a powerful note. These prayer points are heaven inspired and will do the much needed miracles that you want God to do in your life. Let’s get to them!

Powerful Morning Prayer Points.

Lord Jesus, I am about to go into today to start my day. I don’t know what lays out there before me. But I ask for your divine protection. Lord, protect me. Every step I take today, let me not fall out from your umbrella of protection. Amen. Jesus, I commit today into your able hands, please take pre-eminent control of this day O God. Let me have cause to glorify your name after today in the name of Jesus. Let all my hopes and plans come to pass on this beautiful day in Jesus name.

O Lord my father, You are the one who know what lays ahead of me today. I cover my journey and paths in the blood of the lamb. I ask for divine protection from the blood of Jesus. Protect me O Lord. Give me maximum heavenly security in Jesus name. Amen. Lord, grant me courage. I ask for courage as I go out today. The courage to be able to overcome any obstacles that the devil might deploy to pull me down. The courage to face whatever challenges I might face and come out victorious. Lord, grant it unto me today. Amen.

My father in heaven, You are the one who was, who is and who is to come. I sanctify this day in your Word. I will go forth and prosper in Jesus name. I ask for divine guidance today. As I step out into the morning, Lord guide me. As I will be going out today in search of my daily bread, Lord don’t let me meet what will eat me along the way. Lord, I ask for divine provision. I want you to provide for me even beyond my expectations Lord. As the morning is peaceful and calm, so should my life be peaceful and calm forever in Jesus name. The devil will not be successful in his attempts to surly my life with storms and difficulties in Jesus name. Lord, I ask for your mercy today. Mercy that will protect me from evils both known and unknown. Mercy that will help me win favor in the eyes of those that will favor me. Bestow your mercy upon me this morning, Amen. This morning Lord, teach me to not lean on my own understanding in Jesus name. Teach me to rely only on You Lord, teach me to always find solace in your name, this morning and forever in Jesus name. Lord, I might be weak this morning. I am not strong enough to face life out there on my own. Grant me the strength this morning to get up and achieve goals. Amen. I need your support as I go out into today O Lord, please be my ultimate supporter in the name of Jesus.

This morning, I ask for heavenly wisdom to be able to handle earthly matters in God’s way. Amen. Lord, I know you love me. I ask that you continue to shower me with love even as I go into a new day today in Jesus name. Lord, I thank you for waking me up safely this morning. May your name be forever exalted. O God, deliver me from all troubles today in Jesus name. From this morning onwards, I shall always come out triumphant over all my problems, Amen. No weapon fashioned against me this morning, for the rest of today and forever, shall have their way in Jesus name. From this morning forward, I cease to struggle again in life. Prosperity will start to be my portion from this day forward. Amen. The Lord will grant me divine strength to overcome the day’s challenges in Jesus name. Father in heaven, bestow your mercy upon me this morning.

Let the enemies’ plans against me today prove futile in Jesus name. From this day forward, just as the sun is rising, so will my glory continue to rise and shine in Jesus name. The grace to see the light, Lord grant it unto me in Jesus name. I refuse to be a victim of failure in Jesus name. I will continue to remain a success candidate in the name of Jesus. Lord, use somebody to bless me this morning, Amen. Let me an instrument of God’s blessing as I go out this morning, Amen. Let the people of this earth see your glory shine forth in me in the name of Jesus. Let me an instrument you will use to spread the gospel in Jesus name. Let me continue to bask under God’s love forever in Jesus name. Let this morning be a time of unbelievable prosperity and achievement in Jesus name. From this morning forward, let me continue to grow from strength to strength in Jesus name. Bless my spouse in his career from this morning forward in Jesus name. Let people begin to see the glory of God shine forth in my life from this morning forward. I shall not lack the blessings of the morning in my life in the name of Jesus.

When the hosts of heaven are sharing the blessings of the morning, I shall be a huge partaker in Jesus name. I shall continue to grow from strength to strength from this morning forward in Jesus name. From this day’s sunrise, my children shall stop experiencing setbacks in life in the name of Jesus. All my enemies that want me to never prosper, shall see me in my full glory this morning in Jesus name. Bless the work of my hands immensely in Jesus name. From this morning forward, let my life be one of great example in Jesus name. I ask for forgiveness this morning, I ask that you cleanse me completely of all my sins in Jesus name. Let me start this new day free from sins in the name of Jesus. Let people begin to see the beauty of your glory in my life in Jesus name. May God’s grace and mercy follow this morning as I set out to work this morning, Amen. May all my prayer requests for this morning be granted by the Lord of hosts in Jesus name. Amen.


With these powerful 50 morning prayers, you will be ready and divinely confident to go into your day with the backing of the most High.

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