Prayer Against Evil Counsel




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Prayer against evil counsel

Powerful Prayer Against Evil Counsel

CONFESSION: 2 KINGS 7:17: – “And the king appointed the lord on whose hand he leaned to have the charge of the gate: and the people trode upon him in the gate, and he died, as the man of God had said, who spake when the king came down to him.”
I CRUSH THE POWER OF EVIL COUNSEL! – DAY 9: Tuesday, 19th January, 2010
Thank God for He shall reveal to you during this prayer session whatever constitutes your “PROMISED LAND ” in this year 2020.
Decree death for any power that wants to starve you of that promised land and deny you of the fruits thereof, in the name of Jesus.
Tell God to enlist you into the end-time army of exploits – the congregation of the mighty (Psalm 82:1). Command the root of poverty to dry up in your life.
Ask the Lord to magnify your destiny above every power assigned to diminish you this year.  Now, praise Him for making you stand strong in Day 8 prayers. Ask Him for strength and grace for uncommon victories throughout the remaining 13 days ending midnight of January 31st 2010.
After the praise and worship session, roar with anger in your voice, go into these fervent ten prayer points for DAY 9. Pray it at midnight, couple it with a 12-hour fast (12 midnight to 12 noon). Pray it during the day too. God bless you as you read the scriptures, confess the word of God and pray in Jesus’ name.
  1. Power of  negative counsel assigned to starve me of favour and breakthroughs this year, BE CRUSHED at the gate of 2010, in Jesus name.
  2. You the powers of evil counsel assigned to despise the miracles of God in my life this year, I TRAMPLE YOU UNDER MY FEET!!! DIE!!! in Jesus’ mighty name.
  3. Power of multiplied signs and wonders, catapult me out of every bondage, shame and slavery into my promised land this year 2010! in the name of Jesus.
  4. I invoke the midnight plague to WASTE every power power of Egypt on assignment to make me backslide this year, in the name of Jesus.
  5. (Stretch forth your right hand toward heaven) and say: Thick and tangible darkness, descend upon the camp of my enemies, to blind and to humiliate them after the order of Pharaoh! in the name of Jesus (Exo 10:21-23).
  6. The final plague that will break the chains of my captivity and break the back-bone of my Pharaoh, I ACTIVATE you NOW!!! in the name of Jesus (Exodus 11:1).
  7. You the first born and chief strength of my stubborn pursuer, DIE a SUDDEN DEATH!!! in the name of Jesus.
  8. Uncommon strength and courage to possess my promised land in 2010, fall upon my life now!!! in the name of Jesus.
  9. Holy Ghost!!! Baptize me with power to possess my promised land in 2010! in the name of Jesus.
  10. Every satanic dog barking against my glorious entry into my promised land this yearm DIE! DIE!! DIE!!! in the name of Jesus.
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