Prayer Points On Awake My Glory



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Prayer Points On Awake My Glory

Powerful Prayer Points On Awake My Glory

TEXT:GEN 41:40, GEN 45:13, ISAIAH 60:1
Glory speaks of splendor, distinction, greatness. Your glory make you beautiful and attractive. Your glory makes you what you are, your glory is you uncommon grace and favor place on you by God. Just like there is no man without a story, so also there is no man without a glory. There is a glory attached to everyone from birth. There is a star attached to your glory at birth also. You have an ordained glory that must shine forth this month. Do you know why?
Because you are created to be a star, a Hero in your generation. You are created to be a peace setter, a ladder in your world. So you cannot afford to be anything less than manifesting your glory. Many have gone into their grave with buried and lost glories. Joseph’s glory was thrown into the pit to be destroyed, but he held unto his glory and protected it. Joseph’s glory was imprison, but even in the prison his glory shine forth. His glory was enslaved, but while in the slavery land, Joseph was made a prime minister and his glory shines again.

That was why Joseph told hid brothers to tell my father of my glory in Egypt. After this service – the firm of your glory shall be announced in the mighty name of Jesus. It is your glory that distinguishes you and set you apart on earth. Your glory is your strength. When your glory shines, you begin to blossom and flourish in all you do. When your glory shine, celebration will replace rejection in your life. Success will replace failure. This week, your glory must shine again; let me give you seven things that can happen to a man’s glory;
1. Your glory can be exchange for example Esau and Jacob
2. Your glory can be covered for example Jabez
3. Your glory can be delayed for example Daniel with the prince of Persia.
4. Your glory can depart for example Ichabod
5. Your glory can be terminated for example Gehazi
6. Your glory can be diverted, redirected or prevented for example Adam and Eve
7. Your glory can decay for example Samson.

1. OH Lord, whatever that exchange, cover, delay or terminate my glory this year, let it be destroyed by fire.
2. Oh Lord, let my glory shine again this year in the name of Jesus.

1. Fading glory of my family line, hear the voice of resurrection – arise now and shine by fir in Jesus name.
2. Arrow of Ichabod fired to stagnate and separate me from my Glory backfire in Jesus name.
3. Oh my Glory, hear the word of God, you shall not see corruption anymore and forever in Jesus name
4. Oh Glory of God illuminates my destiny now in the name of Jesus.
5. Oh thou that trouble my glory are troubled by fire in Jesus name.
6. Glory of my family line, swallowed by centuries of iniquities, I recover you by the blood of Jesus.
7. You the glory of my parents swallowed by ignorance hear the voice of fire; break loose now – and relocate my destiny in Jesus name.
8. My family glory hijacked and diverted by dark powers, break loose and overtake me now in the name of Jesus.
9. By the glory power that blinded Saul on his way to Damascus, let every eyes monitoring my life for evil Go blind now in the mighty name of Jesus.
10. Every horn of wickedness assigned to scatter my glory, you are a liar, break to pieces and rise no more.




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