Prayer Point For Wealth And Riches



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Prayer point for wealth and riches

Powerful Prayer Point For Wealth And Riches

10 Prayer Points To Command Your Finances To Resurrect

Too many Christians are weak and beggerly. Forget about begging God to give you what He has already given you. It is not with Him anymore, it is within you, now begin to command them to manifest. You have to come to a point where you know this truth.

Change Your Mind Set
Look, money is supposed to serve you. You are not supposed to be begging for it, much less looking for it. The way God has ordained it is that it serves you. Now until you understand that and begin to take your rightful place, you will keep begging and nothing will happen.

10 Daily Prayer Points To Cause Your Finances To Resurrect & Locate You
These prayers are power charged by the word of God, believe it, declare it and begin to see the manifestation! Pray with authority & be serious about it.

My money, my wealth, all of my riches, I call you by name! Where are you? Come here and knee down before me! Did you not know that you are supposed to be following me? Why do I have to be looking for you?

Now in the name of Jesus, I command you to begin to serve me according to the word of God
I command my finances, my wealth, my riches, money to begin to locate me
I command every dead aspect of my finances to be resurrected in the name of Jesus
I am rich like my Father in heaven.
I am loaded with daily benefits
I do not lack any good thing because the Lord is my Shepherd and I shall NOT want!
In the name of Jesus, anywhere my wealth is located, hear the word of the Lord, begin to work for me now!
In the name of Jesus I command my finances to begin to speak for me.
My money, where ever I go, begin to locate me in the name of Jesus.
I shall not lack any good thing, I shall not be in want, therefore in the name of Jesus I am rich in every aspect of the term.
Remember that the prayer you just prayed, all the elements heard you. From the four corners of the earth to the heavens. So just begin to thank God that your money is locating you even as you pray. Thank God because you know He is also working on your behalf in Jesus name! Amen.




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