Prayer Points On Due Season



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Prayer Points On Due Season

Powerful Prayer Points On Due Season

Day 15: Do Not Be Weary In Well Doing!

The Scripture verse of the day is Galatians 6:9, which says:

“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not” (Galatians 6:9).

Before you begin praying, know this:

You may be feeling discouraged because we have been praying for 14 days, and your breakthrough hasn’t come yet. If that’s you, Father God wants you to know that we’re plowing right now. We’re plowing up the breakthrough. Look for little answers to prayer over the next few days, but it’s going to take the full 21 days of breakthrough prayer to bust this thing open in the heavenlies.

Remember what happened to Daniel in Daniel chapter 10. (It would build your faith to go and read Daniel 10, by the way.) In that chapter, Daniel set his face to the Lord for three whole weeks (21 days). After the FULL three weeks were over, his answer came.

When that answer came, the heavenly messenger sent to him said that he had been dispatched with the answer when Daniel FIRST began to pray. However, there was a battle in the heavenlies for three weeks that delayed his answer.

The Lord wants you to know that there is a battle in the heavenlies for YOUR answer too.

But do not fear. God is fighting the battle to get your breakthrough through the resistance and into your lap. You already asked Him to fight for you, remember?

So keep contending! Keep plowing! Keep it up and heap up those prayers at the feet of Father God! Come boldly unto the throne of grace, where you may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need! Father God IS listening. He IS answering. But the full 21 days of prayer are needed at this point.

You’re two-thirds of the way through.

You are doing great! Keep on contending!

And now …

Pray along these points, as applicable:

Tell the Lord you’re tired (if you are).

Remind Him that His Word says you should come to Jesus if you’re weary and heavy laden, and He will give you rest.

Tell Him that you’re coming to Him right now. Ask Him to give you rest.

Lay your burdens down at your feet. Tell Him that you choose right now to take HIS yoke of rest upon you, which is easy; and His burden, which is light.

Speak out loud that you command strength into your spirit.

Confess to the Lord any ways in which you have been weary in well doing (in any area of your life).

Repent for any way you have become weary or fainted along the way.

Ask Him to fill you with His Spirit and raise you up again.

Verbally command strength into your spirit. Say, “I command strength into my body, soul, and spirit in Jesus’ name! I am filled with the joy of the Lord, which is my strength! And I speak to my soul, and I say: ‘Soul, line up with my spirit, which is filled with God’s Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ name!”

Ask the Lord to help you to stick with it; to keep doing whatever He has asked you to do.

Ask Him to fill you with His Spirit of grace and supplication and help you get victoriously through the rest of the 21 days of praying for breakthrough.

Ask Him to renew a right spirit in you if you need a renewed spirit.

Ask Him to help you not to be weary in well doing.

Ask Him to take away your old heart of stone and give you a new heart—Jesus’ heart of flesh.

Ask Him to help you reap every harvest He desires to give you.

Ask Him to help you not to faint along the way!

Speak to the finished works Father created before the foundation of the world for you, and command them to manifest (Ephesians 2:10; Hebrews 4:3).

Tell Father that you choose to rest your emotions, heart, mind, and everything else in Him while you continue to seek Him. Tell Him you won’t strive or worry; you will just seek Him and continue praying, leaving things in His hands and trusting Him to do what you ask.

Ask Him to bring into the present day anything that He had originally intended for later, but which He doesn’t mind accelerating when you ask.

Then thank Him for all these things in Jesus‘ name!

That’s our breakthrough prayer for day 15!

Remember to use the verse itself as your vocabulary for prayer. Doing so will not only help you pray the most effective prayers it’s possible to pray, but it will also help you hide God’s Word in your heart, that you might not sin against Him (Psalm 119:11).




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