Business Dedication Prayer



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Business Dedication Prayer

Powerful Business Dedication Prayer

Prayers For Dedication Of A Business Enterprise by John Mark Ministries

_Outside the door way

May God give His blessing on this place. God bless it from roof to floor, from wall to wall, from end to end, from its foundation and in its covering.

In the strong name of the Triune God: all evil be banished, all disturbance cease, captive spirits freed, God’s Spirit alone dwell within these walls.

We call upon the Sacred Three to save, shield and surround this place, this day, and every day.

_In the entrance or reception room

_May all be welcome here, friend and stranger, from near and far. May each be blessed and honoured as they enter.

There is a friend’s love in the gentle heart of the saviour. For love of him we offer friendship and welcome every guest.

_In each room and work area

_Peace be here in the name of the king of life, the peace of Christ above all peace; the Lord’s blessing over all. _ _May God the Father be the guardian of this place and bring his peace.

May his love be shared, and his will be found here, and peace between all people. May the Spirit bring lightness and laughter here. May he be the strengthener and comforter in times of difficulty.

May the Lord Jesus give peace but never complacency. Here may encouragement be found and relationships strengthened.

Each day, every day, each going out, and each returning, the Lord bless you and keep you.

Peace between person and person; peace between all who work here; the peace of Christ above all peace; peace between friends each day and every day.

I pray for all who work here: (names). May the joy and peace of heaven be with you and around you. The Lord bless you.

_At the door

_Christ, in our coming and in our leaving, be the Door and the Keeper for us and all who work in this place, this day and every day, ever and always. Amen.

Prayers for a workplace by St. Brigid of Kildare. Published in Celtic Daily Prayer from the Northumbria Community (Collins, 2000), 156-158.


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