Evangelism Prayer Points


Evangelism Prayer Points


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Let’s Pray

Father we thank you for your unending grace upon our lives and families as a Church, unit or group, blessed be your holy name in Jesus name.

Lord we thank you for your faithfulness and kindness over our lives and families, for you have kept us safe from the evil ones, all glory belongs to you in Jesus name.

Father I bless your holy name for the grace you have given us to evangelize for the growth of your kingdom, blessed be your holy name in Jesus name.

Lord I thank you for your unfailing mercies upon the territory we are evangelizing, for you have not given up on the souls there, to you be all the glory in Jesus name.

Lord we praise you for your peace and your strength upon our lives, be thou magnified in Jesus mighty name.

Lord we ask for your mercy in all ways we have sinned against you and fallen short of your glory, please let your mercy speak for us in Jesus name.

Father please let your mercy prevail in all ways we have disobeyed you in time past, forgive us oh Lord of all our transgressions in Jesus name.

Lord let your presence move mightily with us as we go on this evangelical mission in Jesus name.

Father we arrest every power that may withstand us as we go evangelizing in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Every power of darkness plotting evil against this evangelical movement, I command them to scatter by fire, in Jesus mighty name.

Every prince of the air regulating the affairs of the location we are evangelizing, I command you to stop your operations now, in Jesus name.

Every prison house that the destinies of men have been stored to hinder their progress in life, I command the prison house to be opened and the destinies of men to be restored now in Jesus name.

Altars of darkness where men are tied spiritually in order to cause limitation and stagnation in this community, I command such altars to catch fire in Jesus name.

In Jesus name, I decree that the heart of men shall be receptive to the word of God in Jesus name.

I decree that no evil spirit will be able to block the ears of the people from hearing the word of God in Jesus mighty name

I decree that no evil spirit will be able to block the ears of the people from hearing the word of God in Jesus mighty name.

In Jesus’ mighty name, I decree the light of God’s Word shall shine brightly in the hearts of men, and they shall all come to the knowledge of the truth in Jesus’ mighty name.

I frustrate every plot of the evil ones to distract the minds of those we will be preaching to, they shall hear and accept the Word of God in Jesus name.

Oh Lord as we evangelize let your fire fall to destroy every embargo against the knowledge of God in their hearts and minds in Jesus name.

I take charge of the atmosphere in Jesus name and i decree that everything in creation shall work in our favor in Jesus name.

Every operation of the enemy against this territory I command it to stop right now, in Jesus mighty name. 

I plead the blood of Jesus Christ upon this land and I decree that Christ shall reign supreme in this land, in Jesus name.

Every satanic manipulation against the destinies of people in this land is destroyed by fire in Jesus name.

We take over souls from the kingdom of darkness, and I decree that they shall be translated into the kingdom of Christ through this evangelical outreach in Jesus name.

In Jesus name, these souls shall abide in the church, we shall not lose them back to the camp of darkness.

I decree that in other locations where evangelism will be done, there shall be mass conversion of souls into Christianity in Jesus name.

The counsel of the evil personalities in this community is hereby nullified in Jesus name.

Every blood sucking demon in this territory requesting for the blood of the innocent, we command it to shut its mouth now in Jesus name.

I declare that Christ shall be exalted in this location and in all nations of the world in Jesus name.

I receive daily renewal of strength for every evangelist involved in this mission work in Jesus name


In Jesus’ Name. Amen!.

It is also important that you pray these prayer points for evangelism for your own safety, because the powers of darkness will definitely not be happy that you are stepping into their territory to snatch out souls from their hands, as Scriptures says in Matthew 11:12, you are going to take the souls by force  and you must be ready to incapacitate them  before you step out at all Matthew 12:29-34.


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