Prayer Against Self Deception



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Prayer Against Self Deception


Powerful Prayer Against Self Deception

Breaking the Bondage of Self-Deception

Self-deception can block Christians from living out God’s plan for their lives. In Saul’s case, he was made into a new man and called to be king of Israel. But, because of self-deception, he didn’t believe that God’s power would enable him to be a holy king. As a result, he continued to make self-defeating decisions and never became the righteous king that he was called to be.

In the new covenant, Jesus Christ has the power to break all bondage. He will set us free so that we can say, “I know I’m free! Now, Lord, what would you have me do?”

If you want to get honest, and are willing to do anything to rid yourself of self-deception, join me in the following prayer:


For years, I have pursed a willful path

One that I demanded for myself,

Doing as I pleased, regardless of the impact

By behavior had on myself or on others.

I determined to “Do it my way,” and no other way.

But now, as I look back on the fruit

That I have produced from my waywardness,

From my years of drinking and drugging,

I don’t like what I see; I don’t like it at all.

In my foolishness, I have become the one thing

I promised myself to never be—a liar.

I have deceived others about my drinking so often

That it has difficult to know what is true.

Even worse, I have deceived myself,

Excusing and justifying that which is inexcusable.

Father, I cannot go on like this.

My life is empty and devoid of fruitfulness.

As I look to the future, I see heartache and despair.

But that’s not what I want for my life.

Having been so wayward, it’s all I know,

But it’s not all there is. You can change my future.

You can change my heart and my desires.

Do it now, Father. Change me at the core of my being,

And implant a heart that desires to do Your will.

Walk with me for all the time I have left,

So that I may honor Your name and be a blessing to others,


The wisdom of the prudent is to understand his way,

But the folly of fools is deceit—Proverbs 14:8

NB: The above prayer was coined from Pushing Jesus. 


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