Prayer For My Husband’s Protection From Temptation


Prayer For My Husband’s Protection From Temptation


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Prayer For My Husband's Protection From Temptation

Powerful Prayer For My Husband’s Protection From Temptation


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I remember that day like it was yesterday.  It was a hard day.  A day that I had to be strong for my husband.  A day that I could not bend to my fear or emotions.  And a day that I had to remain level-headed and reasonable.  Truth be told, I don’t think I’ve ever had a day like that before…it is always him that is my rock, my strength – my voice of reason.  But this was not one of those days.  I couldn’t fix the problem, but I could pray for him right then and there because that is what he needed from me.  I offered him my support through encouraging words, words that built him up as a man and through the strength of my prayers when he couldn’t pray.  This was my job and if that isn’t enough, then here are 7 Reasons Why You Should Pray For Your Husband.

It Is A Privilege And An Honor

Praying for my husband is such a privilege and an honor.  There is no one else on this earth who can pray for my husband like I can.  I know his heart, his fears, his worries…his joy.  I am his best friend.  And I know him like no one else.  And I can storm the gates of heaven on his behalf.  
When he is worried about work, I can pray for him.  I can’t fix the work issues he runs into, but I can pray that God brings peace to his heart about the situation and that God gives him wisdom in how to proceed.  This truly is an honor for me as his wife…to pray for him. 

It Reassures Him

I pray for my husband every single day.  He knows I pray for him.  He loves that I pray for him.  It is kind of like a reassurance.  What better way to show my love and devotion to him than devote much of my prayer time to petition God on his behalf?  
Now, I don’t let him know I have prayed for him after every single prayer.  But there have been times where he has mentioned something good happening and I’ll tell him that I had been praying about that situation.  He always replied with a huge grin and a “Really?”.  Yes, dear, I pray for many things that you are unaware of.   

It Changes His Heart

Prayer For My Husband's Protection From TemptationPraying for my husband changes him.  There have been countless times when we have had a disagreement and I have prayed that God would make my husband’s heart tender towards me and see that I am hurt.  God is always faithful to answer such a request.  He longs for godly marriages to be unified and one.
I don’t pray for my husband’s heart in order to ‘get my way’, but so that Marcus and I are drawn closer together.  Additionally, if he is behaving in a sinful way, part of my job as his wife and helpmeet is to pray that God cleanses his heart and that he repents.  

It Changes My Heart

Praying for Marcus softens my heart.  Oh, boy!  I sure need this at times!  My anger, frustration, and disappointment can make my heart hard.  I can’t be in deep prayer for my husband and my heart remain that way!  I ask God to give me an understanding of the situation and to soften my own heart – towards Him and towards him.  And God is always faithful.  He is in favor of strong marriages, so, of course, He is going to answer this prayer.  

It Creates Unity

Prayer For My Husband's Protection From TemptationA wife’s prayers will encourage and promote unity in marriage.  This is a wife who seeks God’s will over her own. 
When you pray for your husband, the Holy Spirit works on behalf of your marriage, speaking to each heart, revealing God’s wonderful plans.  
Both husband and wife are more likely to come in line with God’s will for their lives when covered in prayer.      

It Allows God To Work

When we pray for our men, we release God to work at fulfilling His plan for the lives of our husbands and our whole families.  In other words, we get out of His way…and let’s be honest, us wives do tend to meddle in order to get our own way.  I am not saying that we control God.  That is impossible.  But our prayers can be hindered if our hearts are not lined up with God’s and we are being disrespectful to our husbands (1 Peter 3:7).  
I long for my husband to fulfill God’s plan for his life (not my plan!) for I know that it is when my husband is fully in the will of God that he will be most joyful and satisfied.   

It Gives Him Wisdom And Confidence

He will have wisdom in directing the family.  If he is making bad choices for the family and you aren’t praying for him, then you are just as much to blame.  You have no business complaining about his leadership.  
Our husbands have so many decisions to make and they need the direction and wisdom of the Holy Spirit.  Actually, when I was discussing this topic with my husband, this reason was the biggest one for him.  It was the very first thing that came out of his mouth.  He is confessing that he covets my prayers for him so that he may make wise decisions with full confidence for our family.   

To Be A Courageous Wife

That day when I had to be strong and pray for my husband was one of the most sacred and holy moments of our marriage.  It united us together and made our marriage stronger than ever.  It brought us closer together.  You see, my husband’s contract for the company he worked with was changing and it was being opened up for other companies and brokers to bid on.  My husband doubted that he would be able to beat out the other, larger companies who do the same job for less money.  
He believed that his career was over.  I had never seen him so worried and afraid.  This was not like him at all!  I had to step up, reassure him that no matter what, everything would be ok.  That we would lay this all in God’s hands and He would take care of us.  I told him that I still fully and completely trusted him to lead our family and that we’d do whatever needed to be done to be fine.  
I Prayed…
And then I held him and prayed for him.  Yes, my prayer mattered.  God filled him with peace and enabled him to carry on with looking for other career options.  He was able to think clearly and come up with a plan.  He was able to put his trust in his God.
If you are looking for some printable cards with specific prayers for your husband, check out my friend, Kaylene’s site.  She has 40 prayers for your hubby!
How have you prayed for your husband today?  When do you find it hardest to pray for him?  What will you do about that? 
To help you in praying for your husband, I put together a gorgeous prayer pack which includes prayer prompts for your husband.  
Kindly drop your comments below if you found this prayer helpful. Thanks and God bless you.