Prayer Point On Supernatural Encounter



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Prayer Point On Supernatural Encounter

Powerful Prayer Point On Supernatural Encounter

Prayer point for divine encounter

1.Breaking of yoked and satanic burdens

Limitation,sickness, oppression, disappointment, non achievement, barrenness, failure, frustration, sins and addiction, setback,delay,demonic attacks, poverty,untimely death,diseases,mental blindness,bad luck,family cursed,marital crises, business stagnation, slavery, stubborn problems,

2.Deliverance from demonic mark and evil deposit.

3.Deliverance from bondage house

4.Deliverance from demonic banking and strange account

5. Deliverance from monitoring agents and familiar spirit

6.Deliverance from night mares and spirit behind evil visions

7.Freedom from satanic police

8.Freedom from evil tongues and evil pronouncements

9.Deliverance from blood covenant and sexual bondage

10.Deliverance from witchcraft spell and divination

11.Breaking the powers of community cultism

12.Removing by fire every demonic road block

13.Blindfold demonic night watchers

14.Burning every evil calender marked on your behave

15.Burning every evil clock programming for my setback .

16.Remove whatever they use to cover your true vision

17. My destiny changer must die

18. my money collectors must die

19. my acct looters must die

20. my wealth devourer must die

21.Evil arrows targeted against my destiny backfire

22.Arrows of destruction fire against me back to your senders

23.Every demonic mountains and wall blocking my way,begin to crumble by fire

24.Every satanic siege set around my breakthroughs, collapse and fall in Jesus name

25. my failure shall turn to success in jesus name

26. My weeping shall turn to joy unspeakable in jesus name

27. my shame shall turn to glory in jesus name

28. my mockery shall turn to celebration in Jesus name

29. my disappointment shall turn to an appointment in Jesus name

30.This month l shall laugh at last

31.This month l shall receive divine August visitors for my good news

32. my destiny helpers shall locat me with blessings

33. my head shall be crown with glory and honor this month

34. my dwelling place shall be the fatness of the earth and dews from heaven above.

35. my harvest shall not be waisted in jesus name

36. My pending and diverted blessings begin to locate me now in jesus name

37. l receive divine grace to be fruitful, and multiply on every side

38. Holy ghost fire shall go forth before me and devour my enemies roundabout

39. l will not dash my feet on any stone of destruction set against my life

40.Satanic messengers appointed to monitor my life is fired in jesus name


1.let every evil devices against me be disappointed.
2.Healing power of God overshadow me now
3.Every demons working against my answers to prayer be bind
4.l disarm any power that has made a covenant with ground, water,and wind about me
5.My life be invisible to every demonic observers
6.l bind all remote control demons a sign against my life
7.l withdraw all the bullets and ammunition made available to my enemies
8.l revoke all conscious and unconscious covenants with the spirit of death.
9.Lord l submit my tongue for fire of the holy ghost
10.heavenly surgeons begin to perform all necessary surgical operations in every area of my life now.
11.l refuse to wage war against my life.
12.Lord wake me up from any form of spiritual sleep
13.All evil seed planted by fear into my life be uprooted
14.let the armies of heaven disgrace my oppressors
15.let my blood reject every poison attacks
16.let the enemies fall into the pit dug for my sake
17.My life experience DIVINE favour in all area of my life
18.Every arrows of destruction fired at me ,go back to the sender.
19.let all satanic letters against me be roasted by fire
20.let the counsel’s of the wicked be broken over my life
21.oh Lord give me miracle that would dumb found the world
22.let all my locked up blessings be release from satanic prisions.
23 let all the faculties of my life recieve fire for impartation of miracle
24, oh Lord established your kingdom in every area of my life.
25.oh God of Elijah let my name become thunder,fire,and lightening in the hands of those calling it for evil purposes



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