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Salt Covenant Prayer Points

Powerful Salt Covenant Prayer Points


SEPTEMBER 12, 2012

[Do you realize that we are energetically connected? There is no space or time between us. Eye Am there and You (Eye)Am here. When you clicked on this link, the frequency of our connection spiked and became more real, no matter where your are in the world. Now that you have been made aware of this in a greater way, I want to invite you to an experience in real time.

Years ago, when I taught this message at a conference, we passed out small packets of Salt. We instructed people to hold the salt in their hands during the message that lasted about an hour or close to it. Some people held the grains of salt in their hand, others just held the packet. There was a powerful anointing released that ministered on various levels. Sobs could be heard all over the conference room as deep emotional healing took place, laughter could be heard, some people just vibrated and others just sat in a trance-like peace. There were many testimonies of experiences and even more later, as the salt was taken home and used as a point of contact for prayer, intercession, meditation and other spiritual works.

Here is the exercise and experience I want to invite you to. First of all, get up and get some salt (box of salt, salt shaker, packet or some grains). Hold it in your hand, close your eyes and go to that secret place within you. You might want to revisit part 1 of this message, or read it first if you have not, THE SALT COVENANT – Part 1 Part 1 and this Part 2 of the Salt Covenant message is given in the exact outline order it was first delivered.

We can not say what it is you will experience or if you will even be consciously aware of what is happening deep within. We are agreeing with whatever you have programmed your salt to assist you with. I’ve got my salt and have even tasted it, this is our covenant. Let’s go].


Covenant, a contract, agreement, or promise between at least two parties. Growing up I remember hearing my mother, uncles and others saying, “my word is my bond”. I had no idea what that meant as a child. Later my mother explained to me the importance of keeping my word, being a person of integrity.

We live in a society where it is a light thing to break promises, and just out right lie. People are actually surprised when they find out you expected them to keep their word, and some become offended. In the midst of a society acquainted with Lies, and Broken Promises; Eye can hear the word of the Lord saying, “Let every man be a liar, but God be true.” “God is not a man that He should lie…”

Three thousand years ago God made a covenant with the House of David, it was later called the Davidic Covenant, this was the 7th Biblical Covenant. In my research, it was revealed to me that this was a Salt Covenant. In the previous article, Salt Covenant 1, we dealt with the Salt being used in every sacrifice as God commanded in ancient Judaism. We also dealt with the ancient customs, mystical uses of salt and Jesus’ eating disorder. We found out the importance and symbology of Salt, and how we can use it today.

The Salt Covenant was a perpetual covenant between God and the Levitical Aaronic Priesthood.

“All the heave offerings of the holy things, which the children of Israel offer to the Lord, I have given to you and your sons and daughters with you as an ordinance forever; it is a covenant of salt forever before the Lord with you and your descendants with you.” Numbers 18:19

After about 500 years something happened. We know that God does not Lie, can not Lie, for He is Truth. God does not change His mind back and forth, He is not unstable. But there was a problem with the Priesthood, therefore, it had to be changed.

“If, therefore, perfection were by the Levitical priesthood..what further need was there that another priest should rise after the order of Melchizedek, and not after the order of Aaron? For the priesthood being Changed, there is, made of necessity a change also of the law. Our Lord Jesus sprang out of Judah, of which tribe Moses spoke nothing concerning priesthood… which is made after the power of an Endless life…And they (Aaronic priesthood), truly were many priest, because they were not allowed to continue by reason of death. But this man, because he continues ever, has an Unchangeable priesthood.” Hebrews 7:11-24


The problem with the Aaronic Levitical Priesthood was, they kept dying. They walked in a death consciousness and ministered death, therefore, the people kept dying and did not come to Life. This is one of the problems with the Priesthood today. There are too many dead people in the pulpit ministering death messages. How can the Church (called out ones) come to perfection / maturity? Many seem to be ever learning, but never coming to the knowledge of the Truth that brings us to Life. There seems to be an obsession with death and the elementary things in our society. Where is the strong desire to press on into life?

“Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation… And this will we do, if God permit.” Hebrews 6:1,3 KJV

“So come on, let’s leave the preschool finger painting exercises on Christ and get on with the grand work of art. Grow up in Christ. The basic foundational truths are in place: God helping us, we’ll stay true to all that. But there’s so much more. Let’s get on with it! Hebrews 6:1,3 Message Bible

There is a need for a Change in the Priesthood, just as it was foreshadowed 3000 years ago. The Aaronic Priesthood was only a type of the Universal Melchizedek Priesthood. The Melchizedek Priesthood is an Unchangeable, Never Dying, Always Abiding Priesthood, of which Jesus was made after the order of.

God made a perpetual Covenant of Salt with the Aaronic Priesthood, but the scripture clearly tells us the Priesthood was Changed. The covenant of salt yet stands with the Priesthood, but not with the house of Aaron. It’s with the Melchizedek Priesthood. With something as important as this, there must be a clue in the Old Testament hinting at this.


After God observed David’s unrestrained, radical praise and worship when bringing the Ark of the Covenant back to Jerusalem, and seeing his desire to build a house for Him; God made a covenant with David. In 2 Samuel 7 it is outlined, but Salt is not mentioned. You’ll have to go to 2 Chronicles 13:5

“And Abijah set the battle in array with an army of valiant men of war, even four hundred thousand chosen men: Jeroboam also set the battle in array against him with eight hundred thousand chosen men, being mighty men of valor. And Abijah stood up upon mount Zemaraim, which is in mount Ephraim, and said, Hear me, thou Jeroboam, and all Israel; Ought ye not to know that the Lord God of Israel gave the kingdom over Israel to David for ever, even to him and to his sons by a COVENANT OF SALT?” 2 Chronicles 13: 3-5

King Jeroboam of Israel with his 800,000 chosen men of war goes out against King Abijah of Judah and his 400,000 men of war. Something very strange happens in the midst of the battle. Abijah stands up on Mount Zemaraim (meaning= dual fleece-double witness), which is in the hill country of Ephraim (meaning= doubly fruitful-double portion), and reminds Jeroboam of the Covenant of Salt with the house of David. verse 3-5

In essence Abijah says, Give it up Jeroboam, there is no way you can win. Although you have twice the amount of men, you are stronger, all odds are against us in the natural. But there’s one little thing I should remind you of, with heaven and earth as my witnesses, as I stand in the place of double portion: the Salt Covenant that God made with the house of David.

Eye can just see Abijah holding up a rock of salt and crumbling it, as the wind blew it in Jeroboam’s face. Sometimes you have to remind the adversary, whatever your enemy appears to be. It could be overwhelming Bills, Foreclosure, Health issues, Relationship issues, Depression, Fear, Condemnation, Guilt, or Spiritual Weaknesses. Hold up your Salt and remind the adversary, yourself or situation of the Salt Covenant.

Arise in consciousness NOW. Get to the place of double portion; face the problem. There’s no way you can lose. Your Father/God does not break promises (covenants), whatever outcome, you WIN. YOU WIN!! No weapon formed against you can prosper. In the natural all odds may appear to be against you for your specific situation or need. The Salt is on your side and at a moments notice, things can change. Favor, Favor, Favor is yours. The scales are tipped in your favor says the Lord.

(Jeroboam’s army was destroyed that day, and Jeroboam never recovered. They could not prevail against the Salt Covenant). While holding your salt, take a selah moment and see victory for every situation that might be before you.

This is a clue in the Old Testament foreshadowing the Change in the Priesthood. Somebody with faith, knowledge and boldness had to stand up and declare it. Abijah had received a revelation about the Salt. Have you got it yet?! Are you awake yet??!!

As you may remember David was anointed to be king, however, he partook of the priest show bread. The law said the priest could not be king and the king could not be priest, but we see David experiencing both in part. Psalms 110 is a prophetic psalm of the king-priest ministry, foreshadowing Jesus the son (descendant) of David that would be a priest after the order of Melchizedek. This also foreshadowed a people that would realize the Salt Covenant and stand up in the realization of double-portion, fulness and declare it. Nothing happens until it comes out of your mouth, your words are what create reality or the illusion. The Creator used “words” to create all that you see and can not see.

Melchizedek was King of Salem, and Priest of the Most High God (El Elyon). David was king of JeruSalem and partook of the priest show bread, not fully realizing the king-priest ministry. Jesus was called king of JeruSalem.

“…Jerusalem; for it is the city of the great King.” Matthew 5:35

Jesus was also called a priest.

“The old priesthood of Aaron perpetuated itself automatically, father to son, without explicit confirmation by God. But then God intervened and called this new, permanent priesthood into being with an added promise: God gave his word; he won’t take it back: You’re the permanent priest. This makes Jesus the guarantee of a far better way between us and God — one that really works! A new covenant.” Hebrews. 7:21-22 Message Bible

It would take a King – Priest Ministry to raise humanity up. Someone in touch with humanity and in touch with Divine.


There is not a whole lot written about this mysterious character, Melchizedek, that seems to come out of no where in Genesis 14. References are made to him in Judaism and Christianity as an eternal being with no human ancestry. He descended to this planet possibly after the flood or he was able to survive the flood. All monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) spring from the blessings Abraham received from Melchizedek, the righteous king of peace.

Melchizedek is considered the first monotheistic teacher of the Most High God (El Elyon). He is called a King and Priest of the Most High God, who brings forth bread and wine (elements for coming into a union, communion, which produces life, immortality) to Abraham.

David speaks about an Order, also the writer of Hebrews records it. That means there were more than one. Melchizedek is immortal, no ending of days, and he’s the leader of this Order, therefore, there must be other immortals. This is a Priesthood which ministers from both the Seen and Unseen realms. Who are they?? From the Seen realm, those who are overcoming and identify with Melchizedek; preaching life and immortality. From the Unseen realm, the many that are among us which have existed and ministered on the physical and spiritual planes throughout the ages, they yet minister. We call them masters, guides, and angels. They are not limited to one group of people, they transcend race, religion and time.

The Order of Melchizedek is not limited to planet Earth or our solar system; it’s universal and trans-dimensional. Are you beginning to understand the power of the Salt Covenant and how a specific element called Salt was used to seal the deal? This specific element has properties modern chemist and scientist don’t yet know about. It is programmable.

God contrast the Aaronic Priesthood, which was always dying, with the Melchizedek Priesthood that yet lives. David was aware of it over 700 years after Abraham. The writer of Hebrews said that there was a witness that Melchizedek was yet alive, nearly 3000 years after he was first mentioned.

“Here mortal men receive tithes, but there he receives them, of whom it is witnessed that he lives.” Hebrews 7:8

Somebody had witnessed Melchizedek decades after Jesus’ ascension. We are talking immortality, never physically dying and it’s connection with the Salt Covenant.

The Davidic Salt Covenant is a promise and prophecy that as God restores the house (tabernacle) of David, people would stop dying. Isn’t that’s what Jesus taught us, that if we would truly believe with our entire being, we would never die? And he demonstrated it by dying in our place and overcoming death. Jesus Is Alive!

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that hears my word, and believes on him that sent me, has everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.” John 5:24 KJV

Melchizedek is the Priesthood that ministers life and immortality, which Jesus is after the order of. Those of us who are overcoming can stand in the high place of double portion and remind death of the Salt Covenant, and death will become powerless. The revelation of the Salt Covenant (Davidic Covenant) reaches way beyond sacrifices, ancient customs, and rituals. This is the Covenant of Life and Immortality, which points to Melchizedek, a kingdom of priest (you and I).

Immortality is living in and out from the eternal moment (Now), however, one might choose to discard the present physical form to continue the experience in an invisible form. This is a lesser expression of immortality.

Immortality is living in and out from the eternal moment (Now), and choosing to take this physical form to a higher form, escaping what is called physical death. This is the highest form of immortality, the higher calling that we should be pressing toward the mark for, as Apostle Paul did. This is the full realization of the Salt Covenant in us.


Just to back track a bit to share some prophetic insight from 2 Chronicles 13, where the phrase covenant of salt was used, referring to the Davidic Covenant. There are many mysteries hidden in this chapter, but we wont deal with them all at this time.

The name Jeroboam means; the people will contend, fight, and rebel. The name Abijah means, Yahweh is my Father, The LORD is my Father; worshiper. Here we have 2 classes of people identified in the names. Those who create problem after problem for themselves and others (carnal religion), and those who have a relationship with the Creator as Father, recognizes the Sovereignty of God, and are true worshipers (truth seekers).

Man-made religion will never be satisfied, it will continue to wage it‘s holy wars in the name of God. Religion looks for things to debate about, and will always rebel against Truth. On the other hand, there are those who really don’t care about religion, they just want Spirituality. They hear the Truth and rejoice in it. The true worshiper will prevail and overcome, your worship becomes an instrument of warfare that crushes the powers of darkness and brings light.


Na = Sodium – needs (7) outer electrons to be completed, but only has (1). Cl = Chlorine – needs (1) outer electron to be completed, but has (7). There must be 8 to produce SALT. 7+1=8 8 is the number of resurrection, new beginnings, immortality. The infinity symbol is the side ways 8, never ending.

The Davidic (SALT) Covenant was the 7th Biblical covenant, Jesus, the New Covenant is the 8th Covenant, which brought forth fulfillment and a New Beginning (SALT). Salt is symbolic of Life and Immortality.

You are the SALT of the earth, the ministry which brings Purification and Preservation.


In our last article, Salt Covenant Part 1, we dealt with the formula for making Salt. Hydrochloric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide Base, {NaCl}. We found out that sometime we can be too Acidic (legalistic), or too Basic (liberal). Taking this thought to another level, we can understand the ministry of divine balance.

Many years ago I only thought of God as Father, in the masculine sense, as most of western civilization think. As I studied the names of God, I began to realize that He is also my Mother.

“Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power, in the beauties of holiness from the womb of the morning: thou hast the dew of thy youth.” Psalms 110:3

This King-Priest prophetic psalm, alludes to a people (Order of Melchizedek) birth from the womb (Mother-Goddess) of the morning (new day). In order to produce children, (Salt) sons and daughters, there must be Father (Acid) and Mother (Base).

We live in a society that encourages single parenting, and in many cases there are no other choices. I commend the single parents that are meeting the challenges of raising a child or children alone in this day. However, in many cases, the child suffers emotionally on some level, and will tend to act out during adolescence, and some time earlier. This unbalanced behavior in many cases can only be healed by the power of the Spirit, expressing as Father and Mother.

(We are blessed to have readers of our blog from many diverse backgrounds and Eye believe this word below will minister to who it needs to). When this message was first given many years ago, Eye heard the word of the Lord began to come to me saying, “Many of My people are out of control, they are unbalanced, they are emotionally unstable. Their lives are a mess, they live as those who have no hope. (He shows me a pendulum swinging). They go from great joy to great sadness and depression. Many walk in rebellion, dishonoring and cursing me. They feel insecure and have not learned to trust me. They have only seen me as Father, but not as Mother. Eye am not a single Parent, says the Lord. Eye have longed to gather you even as a hen gather her chicks under her wings. This is the secret place of the Most High, the shadow of the Almighty (El Shaddai). It is in this realization and relationship with me as Father-Mother you will find wholeness and balance.

Yes, there is a spirit of delinquency amongst my people, many do not respect spiritual authority. They gather together in their little clicks (gangs) on the street corners to fight and destroy others. They are caught up in titles, known by how they dress, and anyone who doesn’t look like them, talk (doctrinally) like them, they seek to destroy.

My Spirit calls out to you, return unto me and see me as Eye Am, for Eye have said you are the Salt of the earth and Eye have covenanted with you. Eye Am not like those who have made promises they could not keep, or would not keep, my name is Faithful and True. Let me be your expectation, and you shall not be disappointed. Don’t be afraid to trust again says the Lord.”


While we wont share in depth other mysteries surrounding the Davidic Salt Covenant in this writing, I want to share a Key.

In Revelation 3, Jesus speaks to the Overcomers about the Key of David.

“And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that opens, and no man shuts; and shuts, and no man opens;” Revelation 3:7

Look, Eye show you a mystery. The Key is in Philadelphia, the only access is through Philadelphia (Brotherly LOVE). This is what activates the Salt Covenant of Life.

The authority that comes with the Salt Covenant to open the doors of mysteries, or to shut (seal) them up. Christ is the I AM the Door, this Key of knowledge, authority and revelation is given to the Overcomer filled with Love. No man (person) walking in carnality can experience this.

“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”Revelation 3:20

Jesus knocks at the heart of the Believers in this time of transition between Church Age and Kingdom Age/New Age. Just as He is the Door, you are a door. He wants to come in to eat (Salt Covenant) with you. To be responsible for taking care of you, protecting and blessing you, yes and to bring you to immortality.

The promise to the Overcomers is to sit with Him in His throne. What throne is that? The throne of David. “I will establish his throne forever.” 2 Sam 7:16 This throne is not literal, nor is it in the middle east, behold it is within you. Where the word of the King is there is Power, Authority. Where is His Word??! David said, “Your Word have I hid in my heart.” It’s in your heart! Your mind! This is where God has established His throne to rule over your earth body. That’s why he said, Be transformed (metamorphosized), change from within; by renewing your mind. Release that word of power from your mouth, confessions of Life.

Immortality is coming from within. The death nature, carnal mind is being swallowed up into Life and Immortality, as this Salt Covenant becomes a reality to you. Eye can see it! It’s like Salt being poured on one of those fat slugs, the Salt causes it to slowly melt away. The only thing that’s left is the Salt Crystals.

God says, “You have seen how man has contaminated the planet to bring forth Death, but you shall see me contaminate the planet with my sons and daughters to bring forth Life. What ever they touch shall live, Eye will pour you out as Salt to heal the land, says the Lord.”

Your Salt in your hand or at your side has been sanctified and can be used to open, activate and release many thing. Spirit will lead you how to use it. Just give yourself away as a living sacrifice salted with the fire of His Spirit



Don’t forget to drop your comments below if you found these salt covenant prayer points helpful. Thanks and God bless you.


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