Deliverance Prayer Points PDF



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Deliverance Prayer Points PDF

Powerful Deliverance Prayer Points PDF

Topic: Connecting to Divine Acceleration

Ministering: Dr. D.K Olukoya (G.O, MFM Worldwide)

Anchored Scriptures: 1 Kings 18:1-5Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)

You need a pen and a paper to write down this two prayer points which I want you to pray at 3’o clock, 6’o clock and 9’o clock. Just give it just 5 minutes.
These are the two prayers we need to pray. Don’t join the group of those eating around from one place to another. After praying on the Manna Water, go home.

These two prayers are to be prayed 3’o clock, 6’o clock and 9’o clock:

1. End of the year battle, you shall not locate me in the name of Jesus!

2. Powers introducing my destiny to wasters, run mad and die in the name of Jesus!

Remember also that the end of the year booklet is out. The prayer and fasting started yesterday. We break at 2pm.
Also you’re to bring your water down for the first Manna Water for the year on the crossover night. Service starts 5pm. Don’t plan to travel late. For those of you at the headquarter, the communal hymn singing service is coming up this Sunday.

MFM doesn’t celebrate Christmas for several reasons:

1. Jesus wasn’t born on the 25th.

2. The origin of this Christmas celebration was the worship of the sun. It was an idol worship exercise that was fit for the worship of the sun by pagans. It was now christianized to Christ mass. The foundation of it was demonic. It’s merely a pagan day of worship converted to Christ mass.

The best way to greet a person is compliment of the seasons and may God bless you this season. The apostles never celebrated Christmas. Easter celebration also has this origin. The world has accepted it this way but we (MFM) are not going to do the same. This is why we are going to tag seasons like this as ‘rearranged for revival’. The enemy does a lot of havoc this season. We will be praying, reading our bible throughout this celebration. All of those of you that have Christmas tree in your house, go and find out the origin of it. They are all demonic and idol worshipping trait. We will use this day to serve God and promote the purpose of Christ. That is why I said don’t go around eating all over the place.

Daddy G.O shares a real life incident:
A woman was called to go and prepare food in a place as a caterer. She found out that they have already provided everything for her to cook. They offered to pay her 250k naira. They gave her a bottle of water and said ‘you’re going to cook two kinds of food’. Group one, when you cook it, don’t put this water inside, another group, put this kind of water. She was wondering why she has to put water in one food and not put water in another. She decided that she’s not cooking again. They said they will double it to 500k, she refused. They proposed doubling it to 1 million naira, she still refused.
Those eating around like mosquitoes and rabbit, they go around eating from place to place.

Daddy G.O shares another incidents:

They brought these caterers to go and cook. They took them in tainted cars so they don’t know the exact place they were them. They took them to a place surrounded by worms.
Plenty of school girls in the campus were there. Someone saw a very big meat and was asking ‘is this cow meat’?. They said they have mixed it with human meat. These people were threatened that if they dare talk, they will be in trouble.
They found out that the food they prepared that others were eating, the guys who organized this event didn’t eat it at all.

Be careful so that your mouth doesnt kill you in the name of Jesus!

In Rome, there was someone who wanted to do a celebration and another person who was invited couldn’t attend. So the person who couldn’t attend wanted to drop his gift for the one who invited him. As he approached the door, He saw a door opened and he wanted to give them gift. He found water running. He went upstairs. And saw the meat they want to eat for celebration, the celebrant was urinating on it.
You won’t know that the meat you want to eat for celebration, there is urine dosited in it. May your mouth not kill you in the name of Jesus!

Today’s message:

Something happened to Elijah in 1 Kings 18:1-5Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)
The only thing some people need is for God to catapult them to their next level.

What is divine acceleration?

1. It’s for the Almighty to increase your speed.

2. It is for the hand of God to be upon you to overthrow those who are ahead of you.

3. It’s for God’s leading to come upon you and you set a standard.

4. It’s enjoying divine speed. It’s for you to be catapulted from the back to the front.

5. It’s for you to be floating while others are walking.

6. It is increase in speed through God’s power.

When you plug yourself into the socket of divine acceleration, what took others 10 years, it will take you a very short time to achieve it.
This is why I prophesy upon your life now that you shall overtake those who are gifted than you, you shall overtake those who are connected than you in the name of Jesus! God will restore your wasted years in the name of Jesus!

1. Become a friend of God.
Many come to he MFM and I wonder if they listen to the sermons here. When you come, you obey God 100%.

2. Be addicted to prayer and the word of God.

Prayer Rain:
After Testimony session prayer:
1. Anything in my life that wants to cause me untimely death, come out and die in the name of Jesus!

Prayer session: Divine acceleration by Pastor Folashade Olukoya (Mummy G.O)

2. Wherever I have been nailed down by wicked powers, oh God arise and draw me out in the name of Jesus!

3. Any power assigned to dump my glory in the dustbin of life, be wasted in the name of Jesus!

4. As the Lord liveth, by the fire and the power of the Holy Ghost, I shall arise and shine in the name of Jesus!

5. The angels that will work me up to greatness, locate me now in the name of Jesus!

6. Oh Heavens arise and make me a positive example in the name of Jesus!

7. Every enemy of my next level, I bury you now in the name of Jesus!

8. Powers assigned to make me loose my greatness receive the arrows of death in the name of Jesus!

Prayer session: Oh God, Raise a voice for me by Pastor Kehinde Adegbolahan (A.G.O)

9. The voice that will connect my life to greatness, speak into my life by fire in the name of Jesus!

The Bible says when Jesus was being baptized, a voice sounded from heaven that ‘this is my beloveth son in whom I am well pleased’. A voice from heaven will only connect you to your greatness and unending laughter.

10. Voice from heaven, promote my life in the name of Jesus!

The enemy came to arrest Elijah and a voice sounded: ‘man of God, come down’. That is a voice of demotion. It was a voice that commanded a man of God to come down from the mountain to the valley.

11. Every evil voice asking me to be demoted, shut up, die in the name of Jesus!

A voice spoke through the mouth of peter to attack the destiny of Jesus and Jesus rebuked that voice.

12. I close down forever, the mouth that is attacking my destiny in the name of Jesus!

Jesus said, the hour is now when the dead will hear the voice of the son of God. The dead will hear a voice.

13. Every good thing that is dead in my life, receive the voice of resurrection in the name of Jesus!

The very first time David will entered into a palace, it was an unknown voice that recommended him to the king. We don’t even know the voice that recommended him but a voice sounded that ‘I’ve seen a son of Jesse that is good in playing music’ and immediately Saul called for him. That was how David got into the palace. There is a palace that God has prepared for you but you need a voice to connect to that palace.

14. That voice that will connect me to the palace, speak for me now in the name of Jesus!

A voice suddenly remembered Joseph in the prison and within 24 hours, a prisoner became the prime minister. Within 24 hours, the result of this prayer will show up

15. Within 24 hours, oh God arise and raise a voice for me in the name of Jesus!

Prayer session: breaking the power of stagnancy by Pastor Gbesan (A.G.O)

Stagnancy is an enemy and you must not joke with it. In passim 84:7. Whatever keep on at the spot is an enemy.

16. Every yoke of ‘this is how far you can go’ on my destiny, break in the name of Jesus!

Stagnancy is not a friend. It’s a weapon of the enemy to capture one.

17. Every battle assigned to keep me on one spot, you’re a liar, die in the name of Jesus!

The man at the pool of bethsaida was there for 38 years, many years before Jesus was born, until Jesus came to set him free.

18. Arresters and stoppers of good things meant for me, die in the name of Jesus!

When one is stagnated, he or she is under evil detention.

19. My life, jump out of evil detention in the name of Jesus!

20. Spirit of crawling instead of flying, come out of my life in the name of Jesus!

21. Power of God, move me forward speedily in the name of Jesus!

22. Before I leave this place today, My Father, move me from the minimum to the maximum in the name of Jesus!

Prayer session: Destroying the garment of shame by Pastor Abiodun Aladejola (A.G.O)

This is one prayer you must pray and show the devil that you’re not ready to take nonsense

23. Evil garment tying me down, I set you ablaze, catch fire in the name of Jesus!

There is a place where you’re suppose to be, are you already there? If you’re not there, this is the time to cry out.

24. Evil garment denying me my right place in destiny, catch fire in the name of Jesus!

Garments are serious issues to deal with. They are responsible for why many are not where they are supposed to be.

25. Evil garment behind my rising and falling, catch fire in the name of Jesus!

26. Anywhere evil is determined against me, beginning from now, scatter in the name of Jesus!

There are two garments that does not fit your neck that we are pray against. It’s not your portion, it’s not the portion of your children.

27. Graveyard cloth and prison garment, wherever you’re, catch fire in the name of Jesus!

28. Powers that want suffering to be my identity, you’re a liar, die in the name of Jesus!

Remember Joseph with a colorful destiny also had a coat of many colors. Has God wear you your coat of many colors? When God does, beginning from now, you will begin to shine.

29. Oh God arise, wear me the garment of glory, wear me the garment of honor, wear me the garment of power in the name of Jesus!



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