How To Locate Your Destiny Helper


How To Locate Your Destiny Helper


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Let’s Pray

Destiny helpers are men that God brings your way to help you fulfill your destiny or purpose on earth. Everyone born into this world has a destiny, Jer. 1:4-5. Destiny is what you are called or ordained to become in life. Everyman’s life is written in a book with chapters and verses, Ps. 40:7, Mtt. 26:24. God brings men your way to help you fulfill your destiny. God had ordained Moses to bring the Israelites out of Egypt and, so, He ordered his path to be rescued by Pharaoh’s daughter and also to be trained and well equipped for this purpose by Pharaoh himself. 

He learnt the art of war under Pharaoh and never lost any battle. Understand that whatever situation you are going through, God will make all things work together for your good if you love and trust Him. Moses could never have achieved his purpose without his destiny helper. There are no self-made men. No matter how talented or skillful you are, you need men in your life to succeed. Learn to establish good relationships.

Relationships are a currency and in economics, it is called human capital. There are certain things a relationship does that money cannot do. Your ability to identify and locate your destiny helpers will determine how far you will go in life. Vision is very good, but if you have vision without helpers there will be no motion. Some people struggle through life not because they lack skills or talent, but because they are far from their destiny helpers. They do not understand the value of relationships.

It is not what you have in your life that counts, but who you have in your life. There are certain situations that you find yourself in life and all you need to come out of it is connection. One of the core secrets of great people is that they work hard at building valuable relationships. Money can be spent quickly, but relationships are inexhaustible. There are certain questions you must ask yourself in life to enable you to identify and assess the people around you. The first of such questions is, who are the people I have around me.

Secondly, of what impact are they to me? Do they add value to my life? Thirdly, what do they motivate me to read? Knowledge is powerful! Again, in what ways have they inspired my speech and language? Remember that you are a product of who you associate with. Another question is, where do they have me going? Check your association, if it takes you away from God’s presence and to spots where your time and destiny is being wasted.

Again, do they inspire positive thoughts in you? Check yourself; have you become a better version of you? Finally, ensure you have around you valuable people who have a positive impact in your life and those you can run to in times of problems. It is good to value and honor all men, but understand that some people are more valuable to you than others. Learn to identify and celebrate them when you have the opportunity.


In Jesus’ Name. Amen!.

One key biblical concept related to destiny helpers is the idea of divine providence. The Bible teaches that God is actively involved in the lives of His people, orchestrating events and using people to bring about His divine purposes. Recognizing this, believers should trust that God is working through others to guide them towards their destinies.


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