Powerful Evangelism Messages


Powerful Evangelism Messages


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The Message Topics

All believers should be evangelical Christians. Jesus has commanded us all to share the Good News with others. God will use you to carry out His will. The more we witness the more people get saved. How can people get saved if they don’t hear the gospel?.

Preach Jesus Christ in the Power of the Holy Spirit – one man did and led 78 million souls to salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ.

People Are Dying Every Day. Then Only One Thing Matters

Your Future Can Be “Better by Far!” It’s Your Choice

Flee “the Wrath to Come” the Only Way God Accepts

Repent and Be Saved, Or Go to Hell Forever

Repentance and Revival Go Together

The Word of God Is Able To Save Your Soul

The Gospel Preacher’s Call to Ministry Is a High and Holy Calling

Take Your Christianity into Your Culture | A Simple ‘7-Mountain’ Strategy

How Many Ways to Heaven?

Jesus’ Plan to Reach the World

7 Strategies for Kingdom-of-God Building, Advancement, and Expansion

God’s ‘Seed’ Is the Word of God and the People of God

The Sower Sows the Seed of the Word of God

Random Encounters May Be Evangelistic Opportunities

Evangelist’s Ministry: Gospel Preacher, Soulwinner, Equipper

The Great Commission: Is It Just Witnessing? No!

The “Fifth Gospel”, Isaiah 53

A Great Harvest of Souls the Bible Way, with Helpful Scriptures

Revival Fires Can Come Again to America

Bible Verses About Revival in the Last Days (the End Times)

Fishers of Men

Backsliders, Jesus Loves You!

The Valley of the Dry Bones Will Come Alive

Reaping a Harvest of Lost Souls

Personal Evangelism Strategies That Win Souls

Sow Good Seeds | What Type Are You Sowing?

Prayer for Souls to Be Saved | An Evangelism Power Key

Presenting Jesus to the Lost – Seven Practical Ways


In Jesus’ Name. Amen!.

Stop hogging the gospel to yourself and spread it. If evangelism stops more people are going to hell.

Original Prayer By “Jim Feeney”


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