Prayer For Helper In Islam


Prayer For Helper In Islam


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Let’s Pray

Dua is amazing when you want to ask Allah SWT for daily blessings or when you are in need, but sometimes your need is desperate or more urgent. That’s where an extraordinary prayer called salatul haja (the prayer of need) comes in. Salatul Haja is a simple yet powerful prayer to beg the Almighty for your wishes. It is part of the nawafil (supererogatory) prayers that Allah SWT has blessed us with to ask for extra help.  Some other unique nawafil prayers that I love are salatul-istikhara and the tahajjud salah – click on the links to read how to implement them too.

I love to perform salatul haja, especially when I need relief or tribulation, and I can assure you from experience that it works! It’s no miracle, coincidence, or being special that some people’s duas get answered more. It’s merely that you are turning to the One Who created you and being humble by asking for His help. Sometimes, if we are in a low iman or ignorant state, we think that we are not worthy of asking Allah SWT for anything. Though the truth of the matter is, while we assume we’re humble by not asking our Lord for His help, we are, in fact, arrogant. 

How come? Because Allah SWT loves it when we turn to Him in submission. We are nothing without Him, and the sooner we realize that we cannot exist without His help, the easier it becomes to ask for His help, no matter how many sins we bear. 

Don’t forget that Allah SWT is Ar-Rahmaan and Ar-Raheem; the Most Merciful and the Most Compassionate, Say this repeatedly if you need to lose the “I don’t deserve my duas to be answered” attitude that only stems from shaytaan’s waswasa (whisperings).

Salatul haja is a prayer that raises your need for Allah Most High and exhibits your neediness and absolute slavehood to Him. When you consign your matters to Allah, you have faith that He is the Only One who gives you what you need. Most importantly, when you perform the prayer of need, you should feel confident that Allah WILL answer your dua, but in the way, He knows is best for you.

Ask for your specific needs:

Don’t feel that if you cannot pray due to illness, hayd (periods), or other circumstances, you cannot perform salatal haja. You can still turn to Allah SWT in supplication and say the above dua to express your need to Him.  Allah answers our supplications and loves being asked, so the true believer is hopeful and always asks for His mercy and blessings. I used to think that praying nawafil prayers and doing the “extras” was daunting and time-consuming. 

However, after falling on some tough times, I learned to implement these extra prayers into my life. That’s when I saw what I had been missing! Now I cannot imagine living my life without these helpful voluntary prayers and duas. It’s not only effective but is a special gift from our Merciful Lord to utilize during those tough days – so I urge you to try salatul haja and feel the difference. 



“There is no deity but Allah, the Most Forbearing, the Ever-Generous. Glory be unto Allah, Lord of the Great Throne. Praise be to Allah, Lord of all the worlds. I ask you for those things that bring about Your mercy and Your complete forgiveness; [for] a full portion of every righteous act, and safety from every vice. Do not leave any sin of mine except that You forgive it; any anxiety except that You relieve it; nor any need of mine that pleases You except that You fulfill it, O Most Merciful of those who show mercy.” (Tirmidhi)


Original Prayer By Zeekaya Ali


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