Prayer Points For Land Dedication



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Cleansing the Land

On arrival at the property, praise the Lord and exalt His name.
Confess the sins that you know, or suspect, took place on the property. God may give you fresh revelation as you walk the land. (4 ways land can be defiled: idolatry, immorality/fornication; bloodshed, broken covenants.) Take the Lord’s Supper together. It is through the Blood of Christ that the cleansing comes. Hebrews 9: 26; Numbers 35:33 Remember the land is punished for its sin (Lev. 18:25) By the act of celebrating the Lord’s supper on the land, we appropriate by faith the shed blood of Christ on God’s land, in order to expiate (make amends for) the iniquity and blemish of sins.
Thank Jesus for His presence and call for the protection of the Lord and angels.
Declare that the curse over the land is broken.
Pour out bread, wine, salt on the land as a symbol of His redemption.
Anoint the land with oil as Jacob did (Genesis 28:18,19).
Dedicate the land to the Lord and command all evil spirits to go; their hold is broken.
Ask for angels to be posted around the perimeter of the land.
Place the stakes, with scriptures written on them, in the ground. (We sometimes place a scripture stake at the 4 corners of the property.) Declare victory. Praise His Power! Psalm 24; Psalm 68:1-4.
Pray protection over yourselves – no retaliation, revenge, retribution. Plead the blood over all who participated, including families, pets, ministries, cars.


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