Prayer Points For Long Life



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Prayer Points For Long Life


Powerful Prayer Points For Long Life


The Lord does not want us to die untimely. He wants us to live a long, healthy life.
As I said in the book, I Shall Not Die, “When people die untimely, we use words like, “God gives, and God takes,” to comfort our loved ones.
Yes, God gives. But sorry, He’s not the one that takes untimely. He already said that we would fulfill the number of our days. He already said He would satisfy us with long life. Even though we go back to Him in death, it’s the devil that kills untimely. The Bible calls him the thief who comes to steal, kill and destroy.”
God is not going to gain anything if you die prematurely. He wants you to live long and fulfill His plans for you here on earth.
However, long life is a promise that comes with some conditions.
In Psalm 34:12-14, the requirements include:
  • keeping the tongue from negativity,
  • not speaking lies,
  • departing from evil,
  • doing good,
  • and seeking and pursuing peace.
In Psalm 91:14-16, long life comes with a condition of loving the Lord.
In Proverbs 3:1-2, the promise of long life comes with obeying the laws and commandments of God.
The good thing is that these commands are not grievous. The Holy Spirit is given to us to help us walk with God and obey His commandments.
So, as we remind God His promise of long life today, we take authority against premature death, and also receive the power to walk in the covenant of long life.
  1. Father LORD, I thank You for keeping me alive to this day, in Jesus name.

  2. Thank You LORD for the promise of long life to those who obey you. I praise and magnify Your name, this day, and forever, in Jesus name.

  3. Everlasting Father, I commit the totality of my life into Your hand; Help me by the Holy Spirit to walk in Your ways and to keep Your commandments, in Jesus name.

  4. O LORD, in the name of Jesus Christ, engrave Your fear in my heart every day, for it is written that the fear of the LORD prolongs days (Prov. 10:27).

  5. Holy Spirit, empower me on a daily basis to obey and serve God, so that I may spend my days in prosperity and my years in joy and strength, in Jesus name (Job 36:11).

  6. Holy Spirit, plant the laws and commandments of God in my heart and help me never to forget them, and may they lengthen my days and cause me to dwell in peace and security, in Jesus name (Proverbs 3:1-2).

  7. I declare this day, according to the WORD of God, that I shall not die but live and continue to declare the goodness of God, in Jesus name (Psalm 118:17).

  8. This year, no member of my family shall die, in Jesus name.

  9. I decree that we shall fulfill the number of our years. We shall live to eat the fruit of our labor, for we shall not labor for another to enjoy, in Jesus name (Isaiah 65:23).

  10. I rebuke the spirit of death, the spirit of accident, the spirit of fear,  and cast them into the abyss, in Jesus name.

  11. I decree that there shall be no mourning and shedding of tears in my family this year, in Jesus name.

  12. All through this year, O LORD, I cover myself and my family with the precious Blood of Jesus Christ. May the Blood of Jesus Christ continue to speak in our favor, in Jesus name.

  13. This year, the LORD God Almighty shall satisfy us with long life and under His wings shall we find refuge, in Jesus name.
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