Prayer Points For New Week



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Prayer Points For New Week

Powerful Prayer Points For New Week

Prayers for the working week

Prayers for Monday mornings!

Monday mornings are often difficult when it comes to motivation – the commute to work, by car, bus or train, long hours, decisions to make, responsibilities, frustrations, fears, joys and unhappiness. Mixed emotions!

For those who are not in paid work it can mean the start of another week of loneliness, or coping with caring roles, making ends meet, housekeeping etc.

Certainly a focus for prayer!

As we make our way,
often wearily, to work,
or hop into the car
and do the weekly shop,
we think of those
who through the night
while we were asleep
have stacked the shelves,
made safe the roads,
transported goods,
kept factories running,
cared for the sick and dying.
Bless them with the rest
that they deserve and need,
and may we be thankful
for the work they do
that makes our lives
each day a little easier.

Bless the work we do,
the words we say,
the love we share
and the grace we show,
on our daily walk
through this beautiful
and precious world.

For those struggling
on their journey, Lord,
offer your steady hand
over the rough terrain
they are facing today,
and let them drink
of your living water,
pure and refreshing,
soothing, restoring
the weariest of souls.

God bless you in rising,
through dawn chorus
and cheerfulness.
God bless you in working,
through honest toil
and service.
God bless you in sharing,
through spoken word
and embracing.
God bless you in resting,
through peaceful sleep
and protection.

Lord, bless our journey
through this coming week.
May the pace be steady,
paths made safe,
no obstacles impede,
and conversations
with fellow travellers
be fruitful and uplifting.
Lord, bless our journey
through this coming week.

Bless the week ahead.
May its challenges
not overwhelm us,
not discourage us,
and in all things
may we remember
you are with us
in our journeying,
your love our fuel,
your word our guide,
today and always.

Bless the strangers
I meet today, Lord Jesus;
in café, bakery,
bus stop, car park,
crowded street.
Their lives a mystery,
sorrows, joys, loves
and deep concerns
so well disguised.
But bless them, Lord,
these unknown faces,
make this day
one of encounter,
not only with strangers
but also with you.



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