Prayer Points For Singles Seeking Marriage



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Prayer Points For Singles Seeking Marriage

Powerful Prayer Points For Singles Seeking Marriage

Prayer Points for Singles

Pray all points with the understanding that you are coming through the blood and the name of Jesus.

1. Matthew 6:12 – In the name of Jesus, I ask for forgiveness for the sins of my ancestors, parents, acquaintances, and myself, which gave the enemy and his cohorts the legal rights to work against my marriage.

2. Galatians 3:13, Psalm 107:2 – I declare that I am not bound by the covenants of ancestors, and that I am redeemed by the blood of Jesus.

3. Revelation 17:1-2 – I take authority in the name of Jesus, and I cancel all satanic covenants, agreements, vows and promises for wealth, health, fame, protection, power, influences, etc. which have brought the curse of being single in my life.

4. Revelation 18:12, 13 – I declare that every merchandizing and exchange of my soul in the area of marriage comes to a halt. I declare that every influence of the spirit of Jezebel concerning my marriage is completely and permanently terminated by the blood of the Lamb. I negate all witch craft activities, influences, and oppressions regarding marriage.

5. Leviticus 7:33, Malachi 2:4-5, Colossians 1:20, Hebrews 9:22 – I invoke the blood of redemption against demands or requests of ancestral covenants, violations, and their consequences.

6. Isaiah 47:1 – I declare that every manipulation and control of the spirit of Jezebel over my marriage is broken. I declare that your voice is null and void, and that you are dethroned and your works are permanently destroyed.

7. Ezekiel 21:30 – I confess Christ as my foundation for laying new and lasting relationships. I declare that my marriage is safe and secure in Christ as my foundation.

8. Romans 8:2 – I superimpose (place over) the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus over every law of sin and death regarding marriage.

9. I disconnect myself from every blood covenant of my ancestors or myself, and I destroy their effect upon my marriage. I reject generational curses from my background and refuse the control, links, and influence of spirits enforcing those curses in my relationships.

10. I exercise authority and reject the transference of the curse of failure in my marriage. I arrest and bind the ancestral, guardian and monitoring spirits assigned to enforce this situation in my life. I disarm them and destroy the weapons they have been using against me. I destroy their control and influence in my marriage by the fire of God.

11. Leviticus 3:2, 1 Peter 1:2 – I employ the efficacy (effectiveness) of the blood of Jesus to continue to speak blessings and my freedom to be married.

12. Leviticus 3:2, 4:7 – I release the blood of Jesus against every satanic altar regarding my marriage. I destroy wicked and oppressive demand from the horns of satanic altars.

13. Hebrews 9:22 – I deploy the blood of Jesus to destroy every legal right, and I bind the ruling spirits in charge of the curse of solitude in my life.

14. I renounce every soul tie to former sexual partners, ungodly soul ties to people, my parents, and friends. I break all links, networks and operations with familiar and ancestral spirits. I destroy all contacts with water spirits, witches, wizards; I command them to break now in Jesus’ name.

15. I pull down every family altar that serves as an entry point for demons to seclude me from marriage. I annul every marriage and tie to family idols and I call on the fire of God to destroy every visible and invisible token of such marriages.

16. All character traits and stigmas in my family that oppose my attraction and permanent attachment to my partner, by any spirit on assignment, are destroyed in the name of Jesus. I destroy the influence of such foul spirits and entities overseeing this wickedness; I break their hold off my life.

17. Ephesians 2:1,2 – In Jesus’ name, I bind and cut off the influence of demons released from hell and the heavens through media, water bodies, from the land, and underneath the earth to mock the institution of marriage. I command the release of my spouse from every form of homosexual oppression, financial hardship and shame, and from witchcraft and drug influences.

18. John 15:16, 1 Peer 2:9 – I declare that by the blood of Jesus, I am cleansed and set aside; chosen for joyful, secure, and blessed relationship with my spouse.

19. I disengage myself from every ungodly soul tie. I present myself to be found, and partnered with my God-given spouse.

20. John 5:7 – I counter the power and effects of spirits assigned to snatch my God-sent partner.

21. In the name of Jesus, I cancel any activity, facility and influence that cause others to be preferred over me. I destroy anything that robs me of my advantage or that causes me to loose my opportunities and chances. I refuse any distraction that causes me to miss the mark in marriage.

22. 1 Peter 5:8 – I resist the devil and refuse to let him rob me of my ability to marry and accomplish my purpose

23. Isaiah 43:6 – I enlist the assistance of all parts of creation to give up and present my spouse.

24. Psalm 23:1, Psalm 84:11 – I declare that no good thing shall be withheld from. Marriage is a good thing, and by the word of God, I declare that I shall not lack in marriage; it is released to me now.

25. Genesis 2:18 – I declare that I shall not suffer being alone and the consequences thereof. My help meet is released to me now.

26. By the blood of Jesus and by the influence of the Holy Spirit, I present myself to be prepared and dressed up for marriage.

27. Isaiah 34:15 & 16 – By the superior power of the Holy Spirit, I call my mate unto me. I declare that every covering or veil over my eyes, and the eyes of my spouse is removed. I declare that we locate each other clearly, and that there is no more delay.

28. I set the blood of Jesus against the curse of unavailable love and the abortion of the relationship that is intended for marriage, and I submit the blood of Jesus as a ransom for the release of my marriage.

29. I break every curse of disfavor, lack of fulfillment, and want for all things.

30. By the power of the blood, I destroy every negative re-occurrence, satanic cycle, and negative programming that makes me accident prone.

31. In the name of Jesus and by the anointing of the Holy Ghost, I destroy every demonic yoke and chain over my hands and feet.

32. By divine authority, I exercise restraining orders over all the activities of evil spirits assembled against me.

33. I declare that when I marry, my marriage will be peaceful, beautiful and sweet.

34. I decree that my marriage shall be the opposite of the expectations of my enemies.

35. Songs Of Solomon 3:41, 1 Peter 2:9, Ephesians 1:6 – I declare that I am not overlooked, desolate, or rejected, but that I am found, chosen and accepted.

36. I thank you Father that this time, I have made it. Thank you for the manifestation of my marriage by the finished work of the cross and the divine intervention of the Holy Spirit. I give you praise because you will fulfill all the words that you have spoken towards me, Amen.




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