Prayers For Our Children’s Future



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Prayers For Our Children's Future

Powerful Prayers For Children’s Success



  • Father open the eyes of our children. May they know you will and evade worldly deception.
  • Give them the grace to follow your will.
  • Show them how to honour their parents, that your blessings may follow them in this land.
  • Grant them good health and longevity.
  • Lord may your word be a light unto our children path. More than anything, may their hearts truly desire to walk in the light.
  • Give them humility and wisdom to run back when they have lost their way.
  • Preserve them oh Lord, even when they have wandered off course.
  • Fill our children with wisdom, with visions and dreams.
  • May their hearts be filled with desires for spiritual gifts.
  • By their gifts, your name will be magnified even among non-believers.
  • As Daniel’s enemies would acknowledge his God, let that be our children’s portion. Make them impactful persons.
  • Father, thank you for children are your heritage and your reward in Jesus name.
  • Father, I cover my children by the blood of Jesus.
  • Father, order the steps of all my children to the right direction in life in Jesus name.
  • Father, Let the angel of the Lord always protect my children from danger in Jesus name.
  • Father, let your wisdom rest upon my Children in the name of Jesus
  •  Father, arrest them as your arrested Saul who is known as paul in Jesus name.
  •  Use my children mightily for your great purpose in Jesus name
  •  Father, lead not my children into temptation but deliver them from all evil in Jesus name
  • Father, let your mercy prevail over judgment in the life of my children in Jesus name.
  • Father deliver my children from sin in Jesus name.
  • Father, I cause confusion between my children and any satanic influence in there life in Jesus name.
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