Prayer Points For Angelic Protection



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Prayer Points For Angelic Protection

Powerful Prayer Points For Angelic Protection

Angel Prayers
Angel of God, my guardian dear,
to whom God’s love commits thee here.
Ever this day, be at my side,
to light, to guard, to rule, to guide.

Dear Angel, ever at my side, how lovely you must be,
to leave your home in heaven to guard a child like me.
When I’m far away from home or may be hard at play,
I know you will protect me from harm along the way.
Your beautiful and shining face, I see not, though you are near;
the sweetness of your lovely voice, I cannot really hear.
When I pray, your praying too, your prayer is just for me.
But when I sleep, you never do, you’re watching over me, in Jesus name.
Guardian Angel, guard me from harm.
Protect me in sleep without cause for alarm.
Keep safe through the darkness of light,
and wake me gently with God’s morning light.

Dear Guardian Angel,
enlighten me in my doubts,
assist me in my difficulties,
defend me against the assaults of the devil,
and be my guide on the way of perfection,
making me more and more acceptable in the eyes of God.



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