Prayer Points For Youth Fellowship



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Prayer Points For Youth Fellowship

Powerful Prayer Points For Youth Fellowship

Prayer For Christian Youth
Dear heavenly Father, how we thank and praise you for the young men and women who have trusted in the Lord Jesus as their Saviour and we ask that You would work in the lives of all young people who have stepped out in faith in the Son of God.

Draw ever closer to those who have made a commitment to You and we pray that they would grow in grace and in a knowledge of the Lord Jesus in the days that lie ahead. May they learn to walk in spirit and truth and to trust in Your word, knowing that Your grace in sufficient for all their needs and requirements.

Keep them we pray from being influenced by the tempting things of the world and the desires of the sin nature and protect them from the wiles of the enemy who would seek to disrupt their walk with You and fellowship with the Father,

Give them grace and wisdom as they face the challenges of life, and keep them humble in heart and teachable in spirit and may they learn to look to Jesus day by day knowing that without Him they can do nothing but in His strength He will lead and guide in all things.

Prayer For Christian Youth to Grow in Grace
Loving Lord we thank You for all those children and young people who have trusted the Lord Jesus as their Saviour – but Father we know that there is a vital need for them to grow in the faith and to become established in the truth of the gospel of grace – to be disciple and taught and trained in the things of God.

We pray for all young people – for all young Christian men and women, that they may develop a spirit of reverence and humility towards You and a desire to walk in spirit and truth as they submit to the Holy Spirit – knowing that the fear of God and reverence towards the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

Keep those Young people who are Your children pure in heart and spirit and develop in them a desire to be clean before You and learn of You so that they too may grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

May they grow in grace and be used by You to witness of the truth of Your Word to others. Guard them from all that would cause them to stumble and guide them into all truth we pray and bring them to Your everlasting kingdom in Jesus name we pray,

For Young Believers To Develop An Evangelistic Heart
Loving Father You sent the Lord Jesus Christ, Your only begotten and eternal Son into the world to save sinners – and we are conscious that there are many people in the world who need to hear the good news of the glorious gospel of grace, and of Jesus Christ – Who died for their sins and rose again the third day.

Raise up we pray young men and women with a heart for Jesus and a desire to share the gospel with those that are lost in their sins – so that many may be brought to saving faith in the Lord Jesus. Develop in these young people the heart of an evangelist and the opportunity to share the good news of the gospel of grace to those that are lost and in need of a Saviour, in Jesus name we pray,

Protect the Minds of Young People in College
Loving heavenly Father, we pray Your protection over the many young Christian men and women that are attending colleges or universities today, knowing that so often they are a hotbed of anti-God philosophies. Protect their hearts and minds we pray, when they are confronted with humanist agendas that deny the truth of Your Word or when they are ridiculed for their faith in You.

Keep all who have accepted the Lord Jesus as their Saviour under the shadow of Your wing and the palm of Your hand for You have promised that NONE shall pluck them our of Your hands.

Give them wisdom in the choices that they make when they choose the career path or the subjects they decide to study. Keep them away from temptation and continually convict them of the truth of Your word, especially when they are studying courses that are so often diametrically opposed to the truth of Scripture.

Help them to find fellowship with You and support from other believers in Jesus and strengthen their trust in You so that they emerge from their studies strong in the faith of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Prayer For the Salvation of Today’s Youth
Loving heavenly Father, we pray Your loving kindness and gracious mercies be poured out over the many young people of today who have turned their backs on the truth of the glorious gospel of Christ.

Father in your grace and mercy You sent Your only beloved Son to take the punishment for their soul and yet so many have turned the eyes of their heart to the things of this world and believed the lies of the enemy, rather than turning to the truth of the Scriptures

Father we pray that You would convict many young people of their need of Jesus as their Saviour and draw many into Your kingdom. Speak to their hearts and convict them in their spirit and may Your name be glorified and heaven rejoice at those that come to trust you as Saviour – we pray in Jesus name,





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