Prayer Points On Fire On The Altar



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Prayer Points On Fire On The Altar

Powerful Prayer Points On Fire On The Altar

Beloved, The fire shall ever be burning upon the altar, it shall never go out(Lev6:13). The new testament put it this way: praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit(Eph6:18a), Praying without ceasing(1Thess5:17). For us to maintain a successful christian life, we need to pray. As we come towards the end of the RCCG annual fasting & prayers make a resolve to pray at least an hour a day. I pray that the purpose of our fasting and prayers will be achieved in Jesus name. Is58:6 says fasting loose the bonds of wickedness, undo the heavy burdens, set the oppressed free and destroy or break every yoke, these shall be our portion in Jesus name. Kindly follow up with the RCCG daily prayer Schedule. We have also added some prayers to encourage you to ignite the fire on your prayer altar. Shalom. Pastor Paul Adeleye

1. Father, I praise You for all Your wonderful works in my life, family, church etc In Jesus name

2. Father, thank You for all my prayers You have answered in the past, and those You will still answer. In the name of Jesus

3. Father, thank You for sending labourers to harvest the lost souls around the world.In the name of Jesus(Math9:37-38)

4. Father, thank you for meeting all the needs of Your church(name your church)

5. Father, thank You for making me the salt of the earth, I will never lose my flavour in Jesus name. (Math5:13)

6. Father, thank You for making me the light of the world, I will never be hidden. In the name of Jesus (Math5:15)

7. Father, thank You for making my light to shine before men, thank You for all the good works You are doing through me, to bring glory to Your name. In the name of Jesus. (Math5:16)

8. Father, through mercy, let the blood of Jesus redeem my neigbourhood from every curse that has come upon us as a result of burning of incense and pouring of offering to the queen of heaven(occult practices, sacrifices made to idols(gods)).(Jere44:22, Gal3:13-14)

9. Father, You are the Father of spirits, please destroy the evil spirits released as a result of burning of incense and the pouring of offering to the queen of heaven in my neigbourhood. In Jesus name. (Jere44:15-17, Heb12:9)

10. Father, through the blood and the name of Jesus, I spoil/disarm the principalities, powers, wicked spirits, and rulers of darkness assigned against me, my career/ministry and my family.(Col2:15, Eph6:12)

11. Father, let every dead and buried situation in my life be exhumed and be reversed in the name of Jesus.(John11:1-44)

12. Father, please reveal Your glory urgently, in all the stubborn,tormenting,mountain-like situations in my life(John11:4, Isa40:5)

13.Father, I decree with faith in the name of Jesus, a reversal of every irreversible situation in my life. In the name of Jesus.

14.Father, I decree, let all the situations tormenting me, be reversed immediately in the name of Jesus.

15. Father, I declare, I shall rise again to occupy the top position, financially, spiritually,maritally, my business, my womb, my ministry, shall rise again to ocupy the top position. In Jesus name.(John11:23)

16. Father, I decree by the power of resurrection, my destiny, finances, marriage etc shall receive life to shine above all my fellows/companions.(John11:25, Romans8:11)

17. Father, by the power of resurrection, I declare I have moved: from sickness to sound health, death to life, poverty to prosperity, lack to abundance, shame to honour & glory, debtor to lender, sorrow to joy unspeakable, torment to peace like a river, in the name of Jesus.

18. Father, let every obstacle, hinderance stopping/preventing my advancement/moving on/moving forward,be removed. In the name of Jesus.( John11:39 Ex14:15)

19. Father, thank You that You have heard me, before I even asked,You have answered me. (John11:41, Isa65:24)

20. John11: 43-44, Lazarus was call forth, the grave cloth was removed, he was loosed and let to go. Based on this:

1. Eph1:3, My spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ come forth now.

2. Pro10:22, My blessing that will make me rich with no sorrow come forth now.

3. Romans4:17 & John14:14, Specifically call forth your breakthrough, miracles, children, cars, houses, money etc.

21. Father,let every grave cloth/veil covering me, my blessing, finances etc be burnt to ashes in the name of Jesus. (John11:44, Gen21:19)

22. Father, with faith in the name of Jesus, I declare I am loosed from all the bonds of the enemy.Death/Sickness/Poverty/Failure cannot hold me down, I am loosed. I loose my finances, I loose my womb, I loose my children etc In Jesus name. (John11:44, John8:36)




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