It Shall Not Stand Prayer Points



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It shall not stand prayer points

Powerful It Shall Not Stand Prayer Points

Topic: It Shall Not Stand, It Shall Not Come To Pass!
Text: Heb 12 vs 1.  Psalm 19 vs 12 -13.


My God disappoints the devices of the crafty towards me and their hands are not able to perform their enterprise in Jesus’ name. In six troubles, God saves me and in seven, there shall no evil touch me in Jesus’ name.

The physical and the spiritual world is a clear divide between light and darkness; good and bad; joy and sorrow; success and failure and between God and satan. God is a good God and satan is a bad satan. God plans good things, speaks good things, works out good things and makes good things possible. In the same way, satan plots evil, follows evil; sows evil and struggles to achieve evil. God cannot act like satan and satan cannot act like God!

Job 5 vs 12 says: “He disappoints the devices of the crafty, so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise”. This means that satan is full of devices. The Bible calls his devices several names, such as: snares; temptations, nets, works, wiles,  baits, etc. They are all plots. Devices of satan don’t work like clock work. They are like baskets that have to be woven with time until they are ready. They start like temptations: if they are embraced, they become sins. If sins mature and run their full course, they become death! This is why the Bible instructs children of God to watch and pray!

Satan sows his evils, sometimes in form of a dream. A bad dream is not an attack: it becomes so when it is allowed to manifest. There is nothing really like a bad dream- there are only lazy Christians! If a dream comes and you don’t want it- reject it immediately by all the weapons of warfare: words of God; prayers; fasting; sowing, praise and worship among others. Satan may also sow his evils by a physical attack: an accusation, a false witness, an apparent loss( because no loss is real except you allow it!); sickness or any such thing that you know is not from God.

What to do is simple: put on your prayer garment- your strength as a child of God is in the words and promises and testimonies of your God. What does God say about such a thing in the Bible? Just locate it and insist on it. Say it, sing it, shout it meditate on it, sow it as a seed and stand on it. Ahaz, King of Judah was faced with such a situation in the days of Isaiah the prophet( Isaiah 7 vs 1-7). Enemies plotted to overrun and overtake him but God instructed Isaiah to tell him: “It shall not stand, it shall not come to pass”. And that was it- it never stood and it never came to pass! Hallelujah!

So, what has the enemy told you in your dream or in the physical? What are the things you are seeing or hearing around you? What is the text message sent to you or an e-mail addressed to you? Are they pleasant? If they are otherwise, I say to you today: It shall not stand, it shall not come to pass, in Jesus’ name! Satan relies on you to achieve his evils- how? Your complacency, unbelief, fear, worry, doubt, and prayerlessness are great support you give to satan. Face the storm with faith and fire prayers and the enemy will scamper for a cover.

Therefore, beloved, stop seeing the defeat prepared by the enemy for you- see the victory and walk towards it. Don’t allow the manipulation to run a full cycle. Don’t allow the devices to mature. Don’t allow the plots to thicken before you strike. God is waiting for you to speak the word, to issue a decree, to make a command and the equation of the enemy will scatter. As you do all these, with joy in your heart and faith in your God, the enemy will crumble like cookie and your victory will rise in Jesus’ name. Amen. Shalom.


Pls, worship the Lord with this song:

The Lord of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,
Jehovah, the man of war,
Your mercies endureth forever and ever,
Oh, praise His holy name!

1. Lord of hosts, mighty man in battle, glory to your holy name in Jesus’ name.
2. Father, search every device of the crafty around my life and frustrate them by your power in Jesus’ name.
3. Scuttle every plot of darkness against me and fire back stones of darkness thrown at me in Jesus’ name.
4. Dream criminals assigned to attack and assassinate me, kill yourself now in Jesus’ name.
5. Father, confront every chariot of the enemy working against me with your own chariot in Jesus’ name.
6. Temptations standing against my testimonies, crumble now in Jesus’ name.
7. Holy Ghost, abort evil time limit prepared against my promotion in Jesus’ name.
8. Lord Jesus, by your power of conversion, change accusation to justification condemnation to celebration in Jesus’ name.
9. My destiny, hear the word of the Lord, refuse to cooperate with spoilers and wasters in Jesus’ name.
10. My ministry, hear the word of the Lord, reject evil works and evil workers in Jesus’ name.
11. My career, hear the word of the Lord, reject, truncation and frustration in Jesus’ name.
12. My marriage, hear the word of the Lord, reject strangers and interlopers in Jesus’ name.
13. Evil personalities appearing to my helpers in my image, die suddenly in Jesus’ name.
14.  Power of God, disband every court of darkness sitting against my glory in Jesus’ name.
15. Lord, by your east wind, blow away dark cloud hanging over my peace and joy in Jesus’ name.
16. Holy Ghost, make haste to complete the work of my manifestations in Jesus’ name.
17. Power of evil expectations in any area of my life, break in Jesus’ name.
18. Lord, break, batter and burry every evil agreement made against my promotion in Jesus’ name.
19. I pour the blood of Jesus upon every bullet wound on my spirit man in Jesus’ name.
20. Lord, disappoint every device of violence and war made against Nigeria in Jesus’ name.
21. Thank you Lord my shield, my glory and the lifter up of my head in Jesus’ name.

Hallelujah! Ps, pray and pray & share. God bless you. Pastor Dele Oyewale.


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